Food Products Manufacturers | Abby's Exotic Blend | St. Lucia (2024)

Bringing The Best Tastes To St Lucia

Our owner, Shondell’s Abby Alexander, is proud to bring to St Lucia, a range of savoury and sweet Caribbean treats and fantastic alcoholic and non alcoholic blends to fulfil the diverse needs of our broad customer base. Abby’s Exotic Blends believes in delivering quality products and great service.

Food + Drinks

We have a line of 5 different chips, namely ripe plantain chips, green plantain chips, sweet potato chips, breadfruit chips and banana chips. Our vast range of punches includes coconut, peanut, banana, sea moss, rum, coffee and eggnog.

Aim + Taste

We aim to give our customers authentic homemade taste that they absolutely love. Our products taste exceptionally different, giving us an edge over our competitors. We welcome our customers to try our products and surprise their taste buds for a change!

Food Products Manufacturers | Abby's Exotic Blend | St. Lucia (2024)


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