Jason Kelce and His Wife Kylie Had the Most Cringe-Worthy First Date (2024)

Now in his 13th season in the NFL, beloved Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce has a Super Bowl win and six Pro Bowls on his resume. But after the 2022 season, the center became just as well known for his tight-knit family.

Jason played his younger brother, Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis, in Super Bowl LVII, where they shared the spotlight with their mother, Donna. Jason's wife, Kylie, was 38-weeks pregnant with their third child during the Big Game and famously had her OB-GYN with her in the stands. Now, Jason and Kylie are the subject of a Prime Video documentary about their lives. Here's what we know about Kylie Kelce.

Who is Kylie Kelce?

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Kylie McDevitt Kelce is from the Philadelphia suburb of Narberth. The 31-year-old attended college at Pennsylvania's Cabrini University as a field hockey athlete. She met her future husband while she was in college, and now the mom of three works with nonprofits including the Eagles Autism Foundation.

How did Kylie and Jason Kelce meet?

As the documentary reveals, the two met through a dating app. Kylie and her friends saw Jason's profile on Tinder. Nothing in his profile said "Eagles football," but he looked familiar to Kylie, a Philadelphia native, and a Google image search showed that the person in the photos was Jason, but she thought it might be a catfish. When he invited her to a bar, her friend said, "It's either gonna be him or it's gonna be someone pretending to be him. Hilarious either way."

Kylie has since dug up a screenshot of Jason's "ironic" dating profile, which read, "I'm very in touch with my emotional side and love to cuddle. Not interested in a hookup. Only interested in intimante [sic] conversations and women who want babies."

On New Heights, the Kelce brothers' podcast, Kylie and Jason shared the story of that first meeting, and they had very different perspectives. Kylie said that Jason was so drunk that he fell asleep at the bar and his teammate Beau Allen had to carry him home. Jason reports that Kylie was "the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen" and it was "love at first sight." Kylie reacted by rolling her eyes and telling Jason that he is "so full of it."

The next day, Jason asked if they could try again, and Kylie said he did much better on the second date.

When did Jason and Kylie get married?

After that fated first date, it should come as no surprise that the marriage proposal was cringe-worthy too. On New Heights, Jason and Kylie reported that they were in the car leaving her father's house, but Jason needed to find a way to go back inside to talk to her dad about the engagement, so he told Kylie that he had to go to the bathroom. Kylie said, "When he got back in the truck, he said, 'This isn't the most romantic way to do this,' and I immediately started crying because I knew what was happening only because he referenced being romantic."

The two got married at Logan Hotel in Philadelphia on April 14, 2018. According to People, they shared the special day with 170 of their friends and family, including their Irish Wolfhound Winnie. They followed up their wedding with a honeymoon in France.

How many children do Kylie and Jason have?

The couple has three daughters under the age of 4: Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray, and Bennett Llewellyn (who was born two weeks after the Super Bowl). They also have two giant Irish Wolfhounds, Baloo and Winnie.

What's next for the Kelces?

The Kelce documentary (out now on Prime Video) shows Jason grappling with retirement after losing in the Super Bowl (spoiler alert: the 35-year-old is back with the Eagles this year for his 13th season after signing a one-year contract for $14 million), but he also has interests in farming (he recently bought 11 cows in Missouri) and real estate. Jason and Kylie are involved in Jason's nonprofit, (Be)Philly, which supports the youth of Philadelphia.

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Jason Kelce and His Wife Kylie Had the Most Cringe-Worthy First Date (2024)


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