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Welcome to The Obelisk Radio

The Obelisk Radio was launched in 2012 live streaming music 24 hours a day, seven days a week, starting with a base of well over 7,500 songs formerly operating as’s K666 online radio station. Special thanks to Arzgarth for the hard drive and to Slevin for the technical setup and enduring patience.

Like the site as a whole, The Obelisk Radio is not a profit-making entity.

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If you have a record you’d like to add or if you do not want your material played on The Obelisk Radio, please use the contact form to let me know.

The Playlist

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Recent Adds


Abronia, Shadowed Lands
Cosmic Fall & Aphodyl, Starsplit
Deamon’s Child, Live im Lux
Derelics, Guilty of Being Young
Fheels, Traveller
Harsh Toke, Joy & Sacri Monti, Burnout
Merchant, Beneath EP
Mouth, Vortex
Sasquatch, Maneuvers
Shroud Eater, Strike the Sun
Theta, Obernuvshis’


Alunah, Solennial
Arc of Ascent, Realms of the Metaphysical
Arduini/Balich, Dawn of Ages
Audion, La Historia de Abraham
BardSpec, Hydrogen
Benthic Realm, Benthic Realm EP
Big Kizz, Eye on You
Bison, You are Not the Ocean You are the Patient
Blackout, The Horse
Bretus, From the Twilight Zone
Cachemira, Jungla
Causa Sui, Live in Copenhagen
Coeur Atomique, Landscape of Emergency I
Cosmic Fall, Kick out the Jams
Cruthu, The Angle of Eternity
Dali’s Llama, The Blossom EP
Decasia, The Lord s Gone
Demon Head, Thunder on the Fields
Doctor Cyclops, Local Dogs
Egypt, Cracks and Lines
El Ritual, El Ritual
Elder, Reflections of a Floating World
Electric Moon, Stardust Rituals
Five Horse Johnson, Jake Leg Boogie
Geezer, Psychoriffadelia
Ghost Against Ghost, Still Love
Godhunter, Codex Narco
Grey Gallows, Underlord
Guru Guru, UFO
Harsh Toke, Joy & Sacri Monti, Burnout
Harvestman, Music for Megaliths
Hermitess, Hermitess
High Brian, Hi Brain
High Plains, Cinderland
Hypertonus, Tidal Wave
Jenzeits, Jenzeits Cosmic Universe
King Buffalo, Live at Wicked Squid Studios
Kingnomad, Mapping the Inner Void
Kitchen Witch, Kitchen Witch
Lee Van Cleef, Holy Smoke
L’Ira del Baccano, Paradox Hourglass
Lord Loud, Passe Paranoia
Mad Season, Above
Mage, Green
MaidaVale, Tales of the Wicked West
Masterhand, Mind Drifter
Megaton Leviathan, Repeating Patterns of Love
Moonshiner, Demo
Mt. Mountain, Dust
Mythic Sunship, Land Between Rivers
Oceanwake, Earthen
Orango, The Mules of Nana
Pontiak, Dialectic of Ignorance
Prana Crafter, Rupture of Planes
Pure Luck, Pure Luck
Puta Volcano, Harmony of Spheres
Rainbow, Rainbow Rising
REZN, Let it Burn
Samsara Blues Experiment, One with the Universe
Seer, Victims EP
Shinki Chen and His Friends, Shinki Chen and His Friends
Siena Root, A Dream of Lasting Peace
Six Sigma, Tuxedo Brown
Smoke Mountain, Smoke Mountain
Space Witch, Arcanum
Spidergawd, IV
Stinkeye, Llantera
Summoner, Beyond the Realm of Light
Sun Blood Stories, It Runs Around the Room with Us
T.G. Olson, Foothills Before the Mountain
Telekinetic Yeti, Abominable
Temple of Void, Lords of Death
The Devil and the Almighty Blues, II
The Fërtility Cült, A Forest of Kings
The Midnight Ghost Train, Cypress Ave.
The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight, The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight
The Sky Is, Telepathie
The Sonic Dawn, Into the Long Night
Tia Carrera, Laid Back (Frontside Rock ‘n’ Roll)
Tuber, Out of the Blue
Urn, Urn
Vago Sagrado, Vago Sagrado
WhiteNails, First Trip
Wounded Giant, Vae Victis
Yagow, Yagow

New Server June 2017


Acid King, 2015-10-18 Southwest Terror Fest IV, Club Congress, Tucson, AZ
Albino Rhino, Upholder Live at Aaniwalli Helsinki 17.12.2016
Arbouretum, Song of the Rose
Brant Bjork, 2015-07-30 Burg Herzberg Festival, Breitenbach, Hessen Germany
Canyon, Canyon
Curse the Son, Globus Hystericus
Dool, Here Now There Then
Evil Acidhead, In the Name of all that is Unholy
Farflung, Unwound Celluloid Frown
Greenleaf, 2016-07-30 Burg Herzberg Festival, Freak Stage, Breitenbach, Hessen, Germany
Gypsy Sun Revival, Gypsy Sun Revival
Janne Westerlund, There’s a Passage
Kandodo McBain, Lost Chants/Last Chance
Kyuss, 1995-07-28 Mercurious Pools, The Black Room, Austin, TX
Kyuss, 1995-08-19 Bizarre Festival, Cologne, Germany
Kyuss, 1995-09 Signau Di Fumo, Videomusic Italian TV Show
Lowrider, 2013-04-26 Desertfest, Astra Musikhalle, Berlin, Germany
Mammoth Volume, A Single Book of Songs
Mammoth Volume, Noara Dance
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Y Proffwyd Dwyll
MoMe, The Slime Between all Things
Mouth, Vortex
Neurosis, 2004-11-28 Theater of Living Arts Philadelphia, PA
Pearls and Brass, The Indian Tower
Six Organs of Admittance, Burning the Threshold
Spidergawd, IV
Stinking Lizaveta, Journey to the Underworld
Stone Machine Electric, Vivere
Strange Broue, Seance
Trevor Shelley de Brauw, Uptown
Troubled Horse, Revolution on Repeat
Vision Eternel, Abondance de Perils
Vision Eternel, Echoes from Forgotten Hearts
Vision Eternel, Seul dans l’Obsession
Vision Eternel, The Last Great Torch Song
Vision Eternel, Un Automne en Solitude
Vista Chino, 2013-09-25 Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa, Ontario
Wight, Love is Not Only What You Know


3 Wheeler Band, Space Tribe
Eternal Engine, Eternal Engine EP
Expo Seventy, America Here & Now Sessions
Girlschool, King Biscuit Flower Hour Live
Kings Destroy, None More
Lacy, Electric Iris
Lucifer’s Fall, II: Cursed and Damned
Megaritual, Temple
Moaning Cities, D. Klein
Motörhead, King Biscuit Flower Hour Live
PH, Eternal Hayden
Sherpa, Tanzlinde
Shroud Eater & Dead Hand, Split
Tarpit Boogie, Couldn’t Handle… The Heavy Jam
Vinnum Sabbathi, Gravity Works
Wartime, Wartime Vol. 1
Woodsplitter, Inflamed


40 Watt Sun, Wider than the Sky
Arrakis, Electricon
Astray, Beyond the Heights of Lust
Blood Mist, Blood Mist
Book of Wyrms, Sci-fi-Fantasy
Bushfire, Black Ash Sunday
Bushfire, Heal Thy Self
Cannabian, Cannabian
Child, Blueside
Cloud Catcher, Trails of Kosmic Dust
Dazed Sun Lemonade, El Ritual
Dool, Here Now There Then
Dread Sovereign, For Doom the Bell Tolls
Dryland, Dryland
Elbrus, Elbrus
Eternal Elysium, Resonance of Shadows
Evil Triplet, Otherworld
Frozen Planet 1969, Electric Smokehouse
Green Desert Water, Green Desert Water EP
Hymn, Perish
Katatonia, The Fall of Hearts
Komatsu, Recipe for Murder One
La Maquinaria del Sueno, La Maquinaria del Sueno
Langfinger, Crossyears
Leafy, Leafy
Lizzard Wizzard, Total War Power Bastard
Lo-Pan, In Tensions
Lord Loud, In EP
Lord Mountain, Lord Mountain
Mangog, Mangog Awakens
Megaritual, Eclipse
Megaritual, Mantra Music
Megaritual, Mantra Music (Volume One)
Megaritual, Mantra Music (Volume Two)
Monolith Wielder, Monolith Wielder
Picaporters, El Horror Oculto
Psychedelic Witchcraft, The Vision
Red Mesa & Blue Snaggletooth, The Second Coming of Heavy Vol.4
Saint Vitus, Live Vol. 2
Second Sun, Hopp-Fortvivlan
Sergio Ch., Aurora
Soggy, Soggy
Surya Kris Peters, Holy Holy Holy
Sweet Heat, Sweet Heat Demo
THC, Enlatado
The Blue Sunshine Family Band, The Blue Sunshine Family Band
The Crazy Left Experience, Maya’s Magic Pill
The Giraffes, Usury
Thera Roya, Stone and Skin
Vokonis, Olde One Ascending
Wasted Theory, Defenders of the Riff
Weedsnake, Reburn
Wo Fat, Midnight Cometh


1000mods, Repeated Exposure To
3rd Ear Experience, Stones of a Feather
Arrowhead, Desert Cult Ritual
Asteroid, III
Baby Woodrose, Freedom
Begotten, Unreleased Tracks
Black Sabbath, Seventh Star
Buddha Sentenza, Semaphora
Captain Crimson, Remind
Child, Blueside
Colour Haze, CO2
Colour Haze, Ewige Blumenkraft
Colour Haze, Live Vol 1 Europa Tournee 2015
Comacozer, Astra Planeta
Crippled Black Phoenix, Bronze
Crowbar, The Serpent Only Lies
Danava, At Midnight You Die
Darsombra, Polyvision
Dead Otter, Pathfinder EP
Death Alley, Live at the Obelisk All-Dayer
Devil to Pay, A Bend Through Space and Time
DSW, Tales from the Cosmonaut
Dwellers, Pagan Fruit
EYE, Vision and the Ageless Light
Fox 45, Ashes of Man
Geezer, Geezer
Goblin co*ck, Necronomidonkeykongimicon
Goya, Drain You bw D7
Goya, The Enemy
Heavy Temple, Chassit
Hornss, Telepath
Ice Dragon, Broken Life
John Garcia, The Coyote Who Spoke in Tongues
Katla, Embryo
Khemmis, Hunted
King Buffalo, Live at The Obelisk All-Dayer
Krobak, Nightbound
Lamp of the Universe, Hidden Knowledge (2016)
Lee Van Cleef, Holy Smoke
Lizardmen, Cold Blooded Blues
Mos Generator, Lies of Liberty
Mos Generator, The Firmament
Neurosis, Fires Within Fires
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Skeleton Tree
Of the Horizon, Of the Horizon
Oresund Space Collective, Visions Of
Pelander, Time
Picaporters, El Horror Oculto
Primordial, Gods to the Godless
Red Mesa & Blue Snaggletooth, The Second Coming of Heavy Vol. 4
Samavayo, Dakota
Saturna, Lost in Time
Season of Arrows, Give it to the Mountain
Second Grave, Blacken the Sky
Seremonia, Pahuuden Aanet
Shroud Eater & Dead Hand, Split
Stinkeye, Llantera Demos
Stupid Cosmonaut, Astral Transmissions
SubRosa, For this We Fought the Battle of Ages
Suma, The Order of Things
Surya Kris Peters, Holy Holy Holy
Swamp Witch, The Slithering Bog
Ten East, Skyline Pressure
Ten Ton Slug, Brutal Gluttonous Beast EP
TG Olson, La Violenza Naturale The Natural Violence
TG Olson, The Broken End of the Deal
The Freeks, Shattered
The Munsens, Abbey Rose
The Spacelords vs. Dhvani, Psychedelic Battles (Split)
The Well, Pagan Science
Thought Eater & Iron Jawed Guru, Vortex 6
Women, The Men of Women
Worm Ouroboros, What Graceless Dawn
Worshipper, Shadow Hymns
Wovenhand, Star Treatment
Wretch, Wretch


16, Lifespan of a Moth
Ahkmed, The Inland Sea
Akris, Fall EP
Alcest, Kodama
All Them Witches, Brussels- Belgium 3-3-16
Amenra, Alive
Amerikan Bear, Amerikan Bear
Amigo, Little Cliffs
Ape Machine, Coalition of the Unwilling
Atala, Shaman’s Path of the Serpent
Atomikyl„, Ker„ily
Augustine Azul, Lombramorfose
Baklavaa, Dane On
Beastmaker, Lusus Naturae
Bellringer, Jettison
Bevar Sea, Invoke the Bizarre
Birnam Wood, Warlord
Blaak Heat, Shifting Mirrors
Black Cobra, Imperium Simulacra
Black Lung, See the Enemy
Black Mood, Squalid Garden
Black Rainbows, Stellar Prophecy
Black Shape of Nexus, Carrier
Blue Aside, The White Staff Burned by the Blue Sun
Blues Funeral, The Search
BoneHawk & Kingnomad, The Second Coming of Heavy Chapter Three
Borracho & Geezer, Second Coming of Heavy, Chapter One
Brujas del Sol, Starquake
Brutus, Wandering Blind
Candlemass, Death Thy Lover
Cheap Wine, Sad Queen
CHVE, Rasa
Cigale, Cigale
Cities of Mars, Celestial Mistress
Comet Control, Center of the Maze
Conan, Revengeance
Conclave, Sins of the Elders
Corrections House, Know How to Carry a Whip
Cough, Still They Pray
Curse the Son, Isolator
Cuzo, Ensalada Ovni
Deadsmoke, Deadsmoke
Death Hawks, Sun Future Moon
Deathkings, All that is Beautiful
Dee Calhoun, Rotgut
Domadora, The Violent Mystical Sukuma
Dorre, One Collapsed at the Altar
Droids Attack, Sci-Fi or Die
Dunbarrow, Dunbarrow
Dunsmuir, Dunsmuir
Earthless & Harsh Toke, Split
Egypt, Endless Flight
Eight Bells, Landless
Electric Citizen, Higher Time
Electric Moon, Zeiss Planetarium Bochum 2015 (live)
Elephant Tree, Elephant Tree
Elevators to the Grateful Sky, Cape Yawn
Ethereal Riffian, Youniversal Voice
Farflung, 5
Floodlore, When it was Written
Fogg, Pinko
Foghound, The World Unseen
Goya, The Enemy
Grand Magus, Sword Songs
Greenleaf, Rise Above the Meadow
Grinderman, Grinderman 2
Gurt & Trippy Wicked, Guppy
Gypsy Chief Goliath, Citizens of Nowhere
Haunted, Haunted
Heavydeath, Demo XII, The Storm
Hexvessel, No Holier Temple
Hexvessel, When We are Death
Hidden Trails, Instant Momentary Bliss
High Fighter, Scars and Crosses
HighGey, HighGey
Hijo de la Tormenta, El Manto de la Especie
Holy Grove, Holy Grove
Honky, Corduroy
Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Phantamonium
Howling Giant, Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1
Hypnos, Cold Winds
Hypnos 69, The Intrigue of Perception
Innerwoud, Mirre
Inter Arma, Paradise Gallows
Isaak, Sermonize
Joy, Ride Along
Kaleidobolt, The Zenith Cracks
Karma to Burn, Mountain Czar
King Buffalo, Orion
Kristian Harting, Summer of Crush
Landskap, III
Larman Clamor, The Heathland Tales
Laserdrift, Laserdrift
Lord Vicar, Gates of Flesh
Los Disidentes del Sucio Motel, Human Collapse
Malady, Malady
Mammoth Spirit, Mammoth Spirit
Mammoth Storm, Fornjot
Mantar, Ode to the Flame
Mars Red Sky, Apex III Praise for the Burning Soul
Merchant, Suzerain
Methra, Acolyte
MIndkult, Witch’s Oath
Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, Mirrors for Psychic Warfare
Mollusk, Children of the Chron
Mondo Drag, The Occultation of Light
Moon Curse, Spirit Remains
Mos Generator, Abyssinia
Mountain Tamer, Mountain Tamer
Naevus, Heavy Burden
Nathanael Larochette, Earth and Sky
Naxatras, II
Nebula Drag, Nebula Drag
New Keepers of the Water Towers, Infernal Machine
New Planet Trampoline, Dark Rides and Grim Visions
Niche, Heading East
Nicklas Sorensen, Solo
Oak, Oak
Ommadon, Ommadon
Oranssi Pazuzu, V„r„htelij„
Oresund Space Collective, Ode to a Black Hole
Oresund Space Collective, Out into Space
Pater Nembrot, Nusun
Phantom Glue, 776
Pyramido, Vatten
Rhin, Passenger
River Cult, River Cult
Rotor, Funf
Seedy Jeezus, Echoes in the Sky
Sidewave, Glass Giant
Skuggsja, A Piece for Mind and Mirror
Slomatics, Flooding the Weir
Slomatics, Future Echo Returns
Slomatics, Kalceanna
Smoke Healer, Press Kit
Snail, Feral
Soon, Vol. 1
Sourvein, Aquatic Occult
Spirit Adrift, Chained to Oblivion
Spirit Collector, Owls to Athens EP
Spiritual Beggars, Sunrise to Sundown
Spotlights, Tidals
Stone Machine Electric, Sollicitus Es Veritatem
Stuyedeyed, Cursed Demos
SubRosa, For this We Fought the Battle of Ages
Sulfur Giant, Beyond the Hollow Mountain
Sun and Sail Club, The Great White Dope
Suns of Thyme, Cascades
Swans, The Glowing Man
Talmud Beach, Chief
Terraplane, Into the Unknown
The Black Explosion, Atomic Zod War
The Company Corvette, Never Enough
The Cosmic Dead , Rainbowhead
The Cupboards, Day After Yesterday
The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Axis Bold As Love
The Moth Gatherer, The Earth is the Sky
The Order of Israfel, Red Robes
The Philistines, The Backbone of Night
The Skull, EP
Thermic Boogie, Vastness and Matter
Tombstoned, II
Truckfighters, Live in London
Truckfighters, V
Uzala, Live at Roadburn 2015
VA, Brown Acid The Second Trip
Vallihauta, Vallihauta
Void King, There is Nothing
White Dynomite, Action O’clock EP
Will Z., A New Mirrored You
Witchcraft, Nucleus
Woven Hand, Blush Music
Wovenhand, Star Treatment
X Suns, III & The Greys
Yo Moreno, Yo Moreno EP
You Know Who, You Know Who
Youngblood Supercult, High Plains
ZQKMGDZ, Orbit Dualkraut
Zun, Burial Sunrise


Admiral Browning, Corvette Summer EP
Against the Grain, Road Warriors
Agusa, Agusa 2
Ahab, The Boats of the Glen Carrig
All Them Witches, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker
Antimatter, The Judas Table
Arbouretum, Rites of Uncovering
Arenna, Given to Emptiness
Australasia, Notturno
Band of Spice, Economic Dancers
Banda de la Muerte, 8894
Behold! the Monolith, Architects of the Void
Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath, Born Again
Black Sabbath, Dehumanizer
Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell
Black Sabbath, Mob Rules
Black Tremor, Impending
Bloodcow, Crystals & Lasers
Brian Ellis and Brian Grainger, At Dusk
Brian Ellis Group, Escondido Sessions
Carousel, 2113
Cathedral, In Memoriam
Chron Goblin, Backwater
Church, Unanswered Hymns
Cloud Catcher, Enlightened Beyond Existence
Clutch, Psychic Warfare
Concilium, Demo
Crystal Head, Crystal Head
Dark Buddha Rising, Inversum
Dave Heumann, Here in the Deep
Denizen, Troubled Waters
Derelics, Introducing
Devil Worshipper, Devil Worshipper
Deville, Make it Belong to Us
DoctoR DooM, This Seed We Have Sown
Dr Crazy, 1000 Guitars
Electric Magma, Silverball
Electric Moon, Theory of Mind
Elephant Riders, Supernova Challenger
Enos & Mangoo, Son of a Gun–The Grey Belly
Faces of Bayon, Ash and Dust Have No Dominion
Fogg, High Testament
Fuzz, II
Fuzz Evil, Born of Iron
Godsleep, Thousand Sons of Sleep
Golden Void, Berkana
Golden Void, Golden Void
Goya, Obelisk
The Grand Astoria, Soft Focus EP
The Grand Astoria, The Mighty Few
The Heavy Eyes, He Dreams of Lions
He Whose Ox is Gored, The Camel, the Lion, the Child
Hexthrower, Mythos Tragoedia
High on Fire, Luminiferous
Holy Sons, Fall of Man
Horisont, Odyssey
Humulus, Electric Walrus EP
Irata, Sweet Loris
Jess and the Ancient Ones, Second Psychedelic Coming The Aquarius Tapes
Kadavar, Berlin
Kind, Rocket Science
King Giant, Black Ocean Waves
King Heavy, King Heavy
Kings Destroy, Kings Destroy
Labasheeda, Changing Lights
Lamprey, III
Leeches of Lore, Motel of Infinity
Lend Me Your Underbelly, Hover
The Machine, Offblast!
Make, The Golden Veil
Merchant, Seismic
Monobrow, A Handwritten Letter From the Moon (EP)
Monster Magnet, Cobras and Fire
Monster Magnet, Last Patrol (Plus Bonus)
Motorhead, Bad Magic
Mount Desert, Mount Desert
My Home on Trees, How I Reached Home
My Home on Trees, My Home on Trees
Ohhms, Cold
Old Man Lizard, Old Man Lizard
Oresund Space Collective, Different Creatures
Owl, Aeon Cult
Paper Spook, Midsummer Sensation EP
Pastor, Evoke
Pentagram, Curious Volume
Project Armageddon, Cosmic Oblivion
Pyramidal & Domo, Jams from the Sun
The Quash Wagon Reclusion, Introducing- A-Question-Of-Will T’retett
Queen Elephantine, Omen
Reptile Master, In the Light of a Sinking Sun
Sacri Monti, Sacri Monti
Samavayo and The Grand Astoria, Split
SardoniS, III
Satan’s Satyrs, Don’t Deliver Us
Saviours, Palace of Vision
Seamount, Nitro Jesus
Shabda, Pharmakon Pharmakos
Shatner, EP
Skraeckoedlan, Sagor
Slow Worm, The Inverse Accent
Sonora Ritual, Worship the Sun
Sons of Huns, While Sleeping Stay Awake
Sun Blood Stories, Live from the Banana Stand
Sun Blood Stories, Samhain Variations
Sun Blood Stories, Twilight Midnight Morning
Sunder, Sunder
Sungrazer, Live at Duna Jam June 10, 2011
Sweat Lodge, Talismana
Throneless, Throneless
Tombstones, Vargariis
Tony Reed, The Lost Chronicles of Heavy Rock Vol. 1
Ufomammut, Ecate
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, The Night Creeper
Undersmile, Anhedonia
Uzala, Live at Roadburn 2015
VA, Best of James Marshall Hendrix
VA, Devouring the Mountains Vol. II
VA, Electric Ladyland -Redux
VA, Kozmik Artifactz Home of the Good Sounds Vol. 2
Valley, Sunburst
Vhol, Deeper than Sky
We Lost the Sea, Departure Songs
Weedeater, Goliathan
Weedpecker, II
WEEED, Our Guru Brings us to the Black Master Sabbath
Wicked Inquisition, Wicked Inquisition
Wildlights, Wildlights
Windhand, Grief’s Infernal Flower
Witchsorrow, No Light, Only Fire
With the Dead, With the Dead
Wizard Eye, Wizard Eye
ZAUM & Shooting Guns, Himalaya to Mesopotamia


Abrams, Lust Love Loss
Carlton Melton meets Dr Space, Live at Roadburn 2014
Demon Eye, Tempora Infernalia
Demon Head, Ride the Wilderness
Kamchatka, Long Road Made of Gold
Krautzone, Spiritual Retreat
Les Lekin, All Black Rainbow Moon
Lucifer, Lucifer I
Paradise Lost, The Plague Within
Rosetta, Quintessential Ephemera
Skunk, Heavy Rock from Elder Times Demo
Sunder, Demo
T.G. Olson, The Wandering Protagonist
The Exploding Eyes Orchestra, I
We Are Oceans, Woodsmoke
Zone Six, Love Monster


Albino Python, The Doomed and the Damned
All Them Witches, A Sweet Release EP
Ape Skull, Fly Camel Fly
Bell Witch, Four Phantoms
Bison Machine, Hoarfrost
Black Mare & Lycia, Split
Bongripper, Hate Ashbury
Clamfight, Taco Bees
Closet Disco Queen, Closet Disco Queen
Contra, Son of Beast Demo
Deathkings & Rozamov, Split
Deep Purple, Long Beach 1971
Eternal Fuzz, Nostalgia
Fatso Jetson & Farflung, Split
Fogg, High Testament
Geezer, Long Dull Knife
Goatsnake, Black Age Blues
Heavy Temple, Live 05-02-15
Lasers From Atlantis, Lasers From Atlantis
Les Discrets, Live at Roadburn
My Sleeping Karma, Moksha
Nordic Nomadic, Nordic Nomadic
Ommadon, V
Righteous Bloom, Live 05-02-15
River of Snakes, I Wanna be Your Baby
Sideburn, Evil or Divine
Stonebirds, Into the Fog… and the Filthy Air
SubRosa, More Constant Than The Gods
The Atomic Bitchwax, Gravitron
Wo Fat, Live Juju Wo Fat at Freak Valley
Yawning Man & Fatso Jetson, European Tour Split


Abrahma, Through the Dusty Paths of Our Lives
Axis-Orbit, 3 Song EP
Brave the Waters, Chapter 1 – Dawn of Days
Cherry Choke, Raising the Waters
Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters, Earth Hog
Deaf Proof, Blood Red Sky Sessions
Enslaved, In Times
Hot Lunch, Slappy Sunday EP
Ice Dragon, A Beacon on the Barrow
Ichabod, Merrimack
King Hitter, King Hitter
Lamp of the Universe, The Inner Light of Revelation
Rare Earth, Ma
Red Mess, Drowning in Red EP
Royal Thunder, Crooked Doors
Sativa Root, Dark Days
Sonic Mass, All Creatures Strange
Sonic Mass, All Creatures Strange Live at the Black Heart
Stars That Move, Demo Songs
Sun Voyager, Lazy Daze
Sunset in the 12th House, Mozaic
Teepee Creeper, Ashes of the Northwest
War Iron, Precession of the Equinoxes
Worshipper, Black Corridor – High Above the Clouds
Wren & Irk, Split


Acid King, Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere
Crypt Sermon, Out of the Garden
Deadpeach, Old Fuzz Generation EP
Gale, Vol. 1
Jonas Munk, Absorb Fabric Cascade
Monsternaut, Monsternaut
Mühr, Messiah
Shroud Eater, Face the Master
Sorcerer, In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross
Suzukiton, Suzukiton II
The Midnight Ghost Train, Cold was the Ground
TORPOR, From Nothing Comes Everything
Wake Up Lucid, Gone with the Night
Watchtower, Radiant Moon
XII Boar, Pitworthy


Astralnaut & Weedpriest, Split
Atala, Atala
Bellhound Choir, Stray Screech Beast
Blut, Demo 2014
Borracho & Eggnogg, Sludgy Erna Bastard Vol. 1 Split
Demons, Population IV
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Nachthexen
Mansion, Uncreation
Skunk Hawk, Skunk Hawk
Stoned Jesus, The Harvest
Yama, Ananta


Black Rainbows, Hawkdope
Chiefs, Tomorrow’s Over
Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters, Earth Hog
Earthling Society, It’s Your Love that’s Sound
Elbrus, Far Away and into Space Pt. 2
Felipe Arcazas, In Loving Memory
Felipe Arcazas, Induction To The Subconscious EP
Felipe Arcazas, Nahuatl
Golden Dove, Golden Dove II
Headless Kross, Volumes
Hiram-Maxim, Hiram-Maxim
Kooba Tercu, Kooba Tercu
Le Betre & King Buffalo, Split
Obrero, The Infinite Corridors of Time
Primitive Man, Home is Where the Hatred Is
Sandrider & Kinski, Sandrider + Kinski
Shepherd, Stereolithic Riffalocalypse
Stearica, Fertile
Terminal Fuzz Terror, Vol. 0 In the Shadow of the Mountain
The Angry Host, The Angry Host
Warhorse, As Heaven Turns to Ash/I am Dying


Diesel King, Concrete Burial
HARK, Crystalline
Lucifer, Anubis
Planes of Satori, Planes of Satori
Stonebride, Heavy Envelope


Black Moon Circle, Andromeda
Carpet, Riot Kiss
Garden of Worm, Idle Stones
Sonny Simmons & Moksha Samnyasin, Nomadic
Sporecaster, See Through Machine
Sumac, The Deal
The Devil and the Almighty Blues, The Devil and the Almighty Blues
Treedeon, Lowest Level Reincarnation


Antique Scream, Two Bad Dudes
Big Scenic Nowhere, Big Scenic Nowhere
Black puss*, Magic Mustache
Einstein-Rosen, Le Pont Noir
Legion of Andromeda, Iron Scorn
Stonebride, Heavy Envelope
Sutrah, Volumen I
The Dust Bowl, Sangre Grande
The Sorrows, Gonna Find a Cave
Time Rift, Demo 2015
Various Artists, Eolian Empire We’ve Got Fiends in Low Places


Bellringer, EP
Black Capricorn, Cult of Black Friars
Blood Farmers, Headless Eyes
Formes, Dysphoria Part 1
Fu Manchu, Gigantoid
Godmaker, Godmaker
Karma to Burn, Arch Stanton
Keeper/Sea Bastard, 777 Astral Rebirth
Lewd Flesh, Op I Roven, Do I Smerte
Mark Deutrom & The Asound, Split
Mondo Drag, Mondo Drag
Nate Hall, Electric Vacuum Roar
Red Mess, Crimson EP
Romero, Gold for the Hunt
Spidergawd, II
Spidergawd, Spidergawd
Venom, From the Very Depths
Wizard Eye, Riff Occult Live


Attalla, Attalla
Bloodmoon, Voidbound (LP)
Elder, Lore
Gangrened, We are Nothing
Gold and Silver, Azurite and Malachite
Goya, Satan’s Fire
Mugstar & Cosmic Dead, Split LP
Stone Machine Electric, Garage Tape
Sun of Man, II
Svarta Stugan, Aspects of Our Future Selves
TarLung, TarLung
The Lone Crows, Dark Clouds
Thou, Heathen
Witchstone, Tales of the Riff Riders


Anathema, A Fine Day to Exit
Anathema, A Natural Disaster
Anathema, Judgement
Burning Saviours, Unholy Tales from the North
Deadpeach, Aurum
Dungaree, Climb out of the River EP
Holy Grove, Live at Jooniors
Miriam in Siberia, Failing
Montibus Communitas, The Pilgrim to the Absolute
Murcielago, Murcielago
Ocean Chief, Universums Härd
Olde, I
Oresund Space Collective, Music for Pogonologists
Persona, Persona
Renate-Cordate, Growth
Soldat Hans, Dress Rehearsal
Space Guerrilla, Boundless
The Hyle, Demo
The Linus Pauling Quartet, C is for Cthulhu
Witch Mountain, Mobile of Angels


Atavismo, Desintegracion
Elephant Tree, Theia
High Fighter, The Goat Ritual EP
It’s Casual, The New Los Angeles II
Jakob Scott, Taurus Rising
Lord Dying, Poison Altars
Palm Desert, Pearls from the Muddy Hollow
Primordial, Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Sans Soleil, A Holy Land Beneath a Godless Sky
Sleeping Pulse, Under the Same Sky
YOB, Clearing the Path to Ascend


Geezer, LiVE! FULL Tilt Boogie
Leeches of Lore, Live on KUNM 89.9
Lords of Beacon House, Lords of Beacon House (LP)
Lotus Ash, The Word of God
No Way, Sing Praises
Old Man Gloom, The Ape of God
Olson-Shively-Barry, Tierra del Fuego Blues
Rhin, Bastard
Saiga, Steppenlord
Sky Children, Sky Children
Slow Order, Hidden Voices
Spider Kitten, Behold Mountain. Hail Sea. Venerate Sky. Bow Before Tree
Stubb, Cry of the Ocean
The Golden Grass, Realisations
Werwulf, Howl at the Moon


Corsair, One Eyed Horse
Dark Ocean Society, Odyssey
Dead Sea Apes, High Evolutionary
Demonauta, Caminando en la Luna
Early Man, Thank God You’ve Got the Answers for us All
Funkadelic, Let’s Take it to the Stage
Godflesh, A World Lit Only by Fire
He Whose Ox is Gored, Rumors
Killer Boogie, Detroit
Lamperjaw, Demo 2014
Lost Realms, 2-13 Demo
Mage, Last Orders
Maskin, Storm
Old Testament, Old Testament
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Psychopomp
Septa, Destroyer
Spectral Haze, IEV Transmutated Nebula Remains
Spiders, Shake Electric
Sun Voyager, Gypsy Hill (Demo)
Sundecay, Bodies at the Frontier
Temple of Void, Of Terror and the Supernatural
The Golden Grass, Realisations
Weed is Weed, Blunt Force Trauma
White Dynomite, White Dynomite


35007, Especially for You
35007, Into the Void We Travelled
35007, Liquid
Beak, Let Time Begin
Brain Pyramid, Chasma Hideout
Brant Bjork and the Low Desert Punk Band, Black Power Flower
Craang, To the Estimated Size of the Universe
Eternal Tapestry, Guru Overload
Flood, Oak
Geezer, Gage
GravelRoad, El Scuerpo
Hijo de la Tormenta, Hijo de la Tormenta
Ice Dragon, Loaf of Head
Ice Dragon, Seeds from a Dying Garden
Latitude Egress, To Take up the Cross
Lords of Beacon House, Lords of Beacon House
My Brother the Wind, Once There was a Time When Time and Space were One
Nick Oliveri’s Uncontrollable, Leave Me Alone
Northern Crown, In the Hands of the Betrayer
Of Spire & Throne, Toll of the Wound
Slow Season, Mountains
The Melvins, Hold it In
Truckfighters, Dig You Down
Viaje a 800, Alguien Murió Bajo Las Ruedas Del Tren…


Apostle of Solitude, Of Woe and Wounds
Bong, Haikai No Ku Ultra High Dimensionality LP
Celtic Frost, Into the Pandemonium
Delicious, Delicious
Desert Lord, To the Unknown
Earth, Primitive and Deadly
Electric Wizard, Time to Die
Eternal Tapestry, Guru Overload
Fever Dog, Second Wind
Fistula, Vermin Prolificus
Godhunter & Secrets of the Sky, Gh-0sts
Hackman, Enterprises
Hammerhead, Global Depression
Hawkwind, Hawkwind
Humo del Cairo, Preludio
Lark’s Tongue, Narrow
Leaf Hound, Growers of Mushroom
Lord, Alive in Golgotha EP
Lucifer in the Sky with Diamonds, The Shining One
Monster Magnet, Milking the Stars
Motörhead, Overkill
Myrkur, Myrkur
Nebula, To the Center
Orange Goblin, Back from the Abyss
Plunger, Space Plumber EP
Pord, Wild
Scissorjack, Be the Wolf
sh*t the Cow, Rissna
Skanska Mord, Skanska Mord
Snailking, Storm
Solstafir, Otta
Sorxe, Surrounded by Shadows
Space Mushroom Fuzz, Onward, to the Future
The House of Capricorn, Morning Star Rise
The Myrrors, Solar Collector
The Sabbathian, Ritual Rites
The Well, Samsara
White Manna, Live Frequencies
Windhand, Live at Roadburn 2014
Witch, Witch
Witchrider, Unmountable Stairs


Demon Eye, Leave the Light
Ides of Gemini, Old World New Wave
Kikagaku Moyo, Mammatus Clouds
Megaton Leviathan, Past 21 Beyond the Arctic Cell
Michael Rudolph Cummings, Long Haul
Pallbearer, Foundations of Burden
The Proselyte, Our Vessel’s in Need
Spindrift, Exotic Detonation
Witch Charmer, The Great Depression


Blackwolfgoat, Drone Maintenance
Heavy Temple, Heavy Temple
Joy, Joy
Joy, Under the Spell of Joy
Naam, Live in Berlin
T.G. Olson, The Rough Embrace
The Glorious Rebellion, The Glorious Rebellion
Toke, High Friends in Low Places EP
Unconscious Collective, Pleistocene Moon


Causa Sui, Pewt’r Sessions 3
Cruthu, Creation Demo
Deamon’s Child, Deamon’s Child
The Jackpine Snag, The Fire Tower EP
Karma to Burn, Arch Stanton
Merlin, Christ Killer
Red Fang, Presents…
Sleep, The Clarity


Ancient Altar, Ancient Altar
Blackwitch Pudding, Covered in Pudding Vol. 1
Bongripper, Miserable
Brimstone Coven, Brimstone Coven
Deaf Flow, The Tesla Complex
Desert Beneath The Pavement, TRANSIT
Dune, Progenitor
Earthling Society, England Have My Bones
Liquido Di Morte, Liquido Di Morte
Planet of Zeus, Vigilante
Red Kunz, Teeth, Hair and Skin
Seirom, And the Light Swallowed Everything
Sufferghost, Thaw
USA out of Vietnam, Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes
We’re all Gonna Die, Pleurisy
We’re all Gonna Die, These are the Old Ways


All Them Witches, Effervescent EP
Been Obscene, Unplugged
Brownangus, Brownangus
Cardinals Folly, Our Cult Continues!
Idre, Idre
Kasan, Soma
Kings, I Trust the Hounds are Hungry
My Brother the Wind, Live at Roadburn 2013
Necro, Necronomicon EP
Nyarlathotep, The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Panopticon, Roads to the North
Rainbows are Free, Waves Ahead of the Ocean
Six Months of Sun, And Water Flows
Spiral Shades, Hypnosis Sessions
The Dallaz, Dirt Dealer
Vinnum Sabbathi, 6 Sigma – Side B


Blues Pills, Blues Pills
Cave of Swimmers, Cave of Swimmers
Dr. Crazy, Demon Lady EP
Ghold, Galactic Hiss
Highlands, Dark Matter Traveler
Major Kong, Doom for the Black Sun
Moab, Scion A/V Presents Billow
Monobrow, Big Sky/Black Horse
Mope, Mope
Old Major, In Dog Years
Prisma Circus, Reminiscences
The Mute Assassins, Knife, Gun, Rock
The Scimitar, Doomsayer
Wo Fat, The Conjuring


Dwellers, Live at Bar Deluxe 29-04-2014
Earthless Meets Heavy Blanket, In a Dutch Hazee
Electric Lucifer, Coming to the Mountain
Fever Dog, Iroquois
John Garcia, John Garcia
Lightsabres, Demons
Thine, The Dead City Blueprint


A Sad Bada, White Rivers and Coldest Chains
Damo Suzuki Møder Øresund Space Collective, Damo Suzuki Møder Øresund Space Collective
Godflesh, Decline and Fall
Milligram, Live on Pipeline (WMBR)
Naam, White Hills, Black Rainbows and The Flying Eyes, 4-Way Split
Novembers Doom, Bled White
Phant, The Octophant Pt. II
Recitation, Recitation
Sunwolf, Beholden to Nothing and No One
Wolves in the Throne Room, Celestite


Anuseye, Essay on a Drunken Cloud
Disenchanter, Back to Earth
Disenchanter, On Through Portals
Electric Citizen, Sateen
Hjortene, Hjortene
Iron Man, Generation Void (2014 Reissue)
Iron Man, The Passage (2014 Reissue)
Junior Bruce, The Nomad EP


Begravningsentreprenörerna, Begravningsentreprenörerna
Blackout, Converse EP
Corrosion of Conformity, IX
The Cult of Dom Keller, The Second Bardo
Dwell, Far Dark Helm
Harsh Toke, Light up and Live
Buzz Osborne, This Machine Kills Artists
Pale Horseman, Mourn the Black Lotus


Demon Head, Demon Head b/w Winterland
Fatso Jetson, Live at Winterland
Naga, Hen
Various Artists, Seattle Noise Vol. 1
Wren, Wren


1000mods, Vultures
Boris, Noise
Mount Carmel, Get Pure
Radio Moscow, Magical Dirt
Reclvse, Reclvse


Eyehategod, Eyehategod
Neptune’s Inferno, Abyss
Pendejo, Atacames
Pushy, El Hongo
Serpentine Path, Emanations
Sleeping Orchard, II
Sleeping Orchard, Skinny Tales for Fat Folks
The Glorious Rebellion, I
Wovenhand, Refractory Obdurate


Alcest, Souvenirs d’un Autre Monde
All Them Witches, Our Mother Electricity
Amorphis, Tuonela
Bigelf, Into the Maelstrom
Bongripper, The Great Barrier Reefer
Causa Sui, Euporie Tide
Clagg, Gather Your Beasts
Clamfight, I Versus the Glacier
Crobot, Crobot EP
Dopelord, Black Arts, Riff Worship & Weed Cult
Electric Citizen, Light Years Beyond
Elevators to the Grateful Sky, Cloud Eye
Endless Boogie, Long Island
Floor, Oblation
Funkadelic, Funkadelic
Graves at Sea & Sourvein, Split EP
Hercyn, Magda Acoustic
Holly Hunt, Prometheus
House of Lightning, Lightworker
HUSH, Unexist
Jeremy Irons and the Ratgang Malibus, Spirit Knife
Khanate, Capture & Release
Khanate, Things Viral
Kings Destroy, A Time of Hunting
Kyuss, …And the Circus Leaves Town
Kyuss, Blues for the Red Sun
Muhr, Shepherd/Blood
Samsara Blues Experiment, Waiting for the Flood
Sasquatch, IV
Steve Von Till, If I Should Fall to the Field
Stooges, Fun House
The Atlas Moth, The Old Believer
The Body & Thou, Released from Love
The Brought Low, The Brought Low
The Skull, Sometime Yesterday Mourning
The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic, Through the Dark Matter
Toner Low, III
Tweak Bird, Any ol’ Way
Valley of the Sun, Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk
Michael Wohl, Moonfeeder b/w Song of Impermanence


Abramis Brama, Enkel Biljett
Americano, Americano
Ararat, Cabalgata Hacia la Luz
Battery Face, What’s What Stuff
Castle, Under Siege
Causa Sui, Live at Festival of Endless Gratitude
Comet Control, Comet Control
Cross Vault, Spectres of Revocable Loss
Eldemur Krimm, Trainwreck on a Boat
Enos, Chapter 1
Graves at Sea, This Place is Poison EP
Grey Czar, The Men Who Harvest the Sea
Hornss, No Blood No Sympathy
Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Ikiryo
Ice Dragon, Demons from Hell
Jupiter Zeus, On Earth
King Dead, King Dead
Kings Destroy, Live at St. Vitus Bar, March 26, 2014
Limestone Whale, Limestone Whale EP
Mars Red Sky, Stranded in Arcadia
Merlin, Execution
Mos Generator & Teepee Creeper, Split
Om, Live at Primavera Sound 2013
Pilgrim, II: Void Worship
Sigiriya, Darkness Died Today
Stoneburner, Life Drawing
The Brought Low, Live on WFMU’s The Evan Funk Davies Show 10.17.12
The Golden Grass, The Golden Grass
Three Seasons, Grow
Triptykon, Melana Chasmata
White Hills, So You Are, So You’ll Be


Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Check ’em Before You Wreck ’em
At Devil Dirt, Dinner is Ready
Blondstone, Mass Solace
Dread Sovereign, All Hell’s Martyrs
Grifter, Elephantine Demo
Grifter, Grifter
Grifter, Heavy Ripples
Grifter, High Unholy Mighty Rollin’ EP
Grifter, The Simplicity of the Riff is Key
Heavy Glow, Pearls and Swine and Everything Fine
Loinen, Loinen
Monolord, Empress Rising
Mos Generator, Electric Mountain Majesty
North, Metonia EP
NOÛS, ?????
The Oath, The Oath
Orange Sunshine, Live at Freak Valley 2013
Pet the Preacher, The Cave and the Sunlight
Prizehog, Re-Unvent the Whool
Sabbath Assembly, Quaternity
Salem’s Pot, Lurar Ut Dig På Prärien
Satyress, Dark Fortune
The Tower, Hic Abundant Leones


Aleph Null, Nocturnal
Astral Communion, Astral Communion
Bacchus Baracus, Growler EP
Bacchus Baracus, Tales of Worries, Woes and Whatever
Camion, Bulls
Coltsblood, Into the Unfathomable Abyss
Death of Kings, Knifehammer–Beneath the Obsidian
Hull, The Legend of Swampgoat
Hymn, Hymn
Kristian Harting, Float
Ogre, The Last Neanderthal
Powered Wig Machine, Supa-Collider
Sergio Chotsourian, Los Salvajes OST
Volume IV, Long in the Tooth


Bilis Sicario, Encuentro de Sutilezas
Bilis Sicario, II
Black Lung, Black Lung
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Demo 2009
Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Fires Burn Dim in the Shadows of the Mountain
Druglord, Enter Venus
John Baizley, Nate Hall and Mike Scheidt, Songs of Townes Van Zandt Vol. II
Million Dollar Fix, Psychedelephant
Mount Salem, Endless
Salem’s Pot, Sweeden
Sergio Chotsourian, 1974
Sergio Chotsourian, Aurora
Sun Shepherd, Procession of Trampling Hoof
SwampHög, Pearls for Swine
Towers, II


Bitchcraft, Bitchcraft
Black Moon Circle, Black Moon Circle
Black puss* & Biblical Proof of UFOs, Galaxies Orbitals Split
Blackfinger, Blackfinger
Blackwülf, Mind Traveler
Creepoid, Creepoid
Eddie Brnabic & The Cosmic Fellowship, Subtle Realms
Headless Buddha, Soul River
Poobah, US Rock (Reissue)
Slomatics, Estron
Slough Feg, Digital Resistance
Slow Mover, Move Slower
SunnO))) & Ulver, Terrestrials
The Socks, The Socks
Tribesmen, Blue EP.jpg
Trilogy, Burned Alive


Black Plastic Caskets, Black Plastic Caskets
Bong, Stoner Rock
Grey Widow, I
MagmaRise, The Man in the Maze
The Shrine, Bless Off
Jakob Skøtt, Amor Fati


Black Space Riders, DREI
Conan, Blood Eagle
Eidetic Seeing, Against Nature
Godhunter, City of Dust
Mammatus, Heady Mental
Mammatus Cloud, EP
Papir, IIII
Psicomagia, Psicomagia
Sahg, Delusions of Grandeur
Salitter, Salitter EP
Temple of Void, Demo MMXIII
The Ravenna Arsenal, I
The Wounded Kings, Consolamentum
Vestal Claret, The Cult of Vestal Claret
We Hunt Buffalo, Blood from a Stone


Gonga, Concrescence
Innominandivm, Innominandivm
Truckfighters, Universe
UPYR, Altars/Tunnels
The Whims of the Great Magnet, EP


All Them Witches, Lightning at the Door
Fuzz, Fuzz
Hellbenders, Brand New Fear
Sleestak, Live at the Cactus Club
Space Mushroom Fuzz, Burning the Almanac
Wooden Shjips, Back to Land


Blackwitch Pudding, Taste the Pudding
Burning Full Throttle, No Man’s Land
Dirt Wizard, No Son of Mine
Goya, 777
Indian, From all Purity
Kauan, Pirut
Pontiak, Innocence
Spacegoat, Spacegoat EP
The Swill, Thirst for Misery
Michael Wohl, Eight Pieces for Solo Guitar


Avatarium, Avatarium
The Golden Grass, One More Time b/w Tornado
Grand Magus, Triumph and Power
King Buffalo, Demo
Mammoth Salmon, Call of the Mammoth
Minerva, Germinal
T.G. Olson, Hell’s Half-Acre
Sex, Sex & The End of My Life
Space God Ritual, Eldritch Tales
Sun Voyager, Cosmic Tides
Sun Voyager, Mecca
We are Oceans, We are Oceans


Cave, Threace
Grel, Live at Railfest 2012
Lazarus Blackstar/Black Shape of Nexus, Split LP
Men of Fortune, Time Lovingly Bled
Mist, Demo
Mountainside, Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish and Short
Mr. Peter Hayden, We Fly High 7″


Horseskull, 2013 Promo
Ice Dragon, Steel Veins b/w Queen of the Black Harvest
Øresund Space Collective, Live at Loppen 2013-11-19
Selim Lemouchi and His Enemies, Earth Air Spirit Water Fire
Various Artists, Radioactive Records Obscure Anthems 2013


Grel, Live at Davey’s Uptown KCMO
Lizzard Wizzard, Lizzard Wizzard
Moon Coven, Amanita Kingdom
T.G. Olson, The Bad Lands to Cross
Stone Machine Electric, 2013.02.07
Switchblade Jesus, Switchblade Jesus
Uzala, Tales of Blood and Fire
The Vintage Caravan, Voyage
Wolves in the Throne Room, BBC Session 2011 Anno Domini
Young Hunter, Embers at the Foot of Dark Mountain


Black Skies, Circadian Meditations
EYE, Second Sight
Run After To, Run After To and Gjinn and Djinn
Strauss, Strauss EP


Djinn and Miskatonic, Forever in the Realm
Foghound, Quick, Dirty and High
Groan, Ride the Snake EP
Gudars Skymning, Hoj Era Glas
Hypnotic Drive, The Ride
Iron Heel, Book of Grief
March the Desert, Waves on the Moon
Mountain Witch, Cold River
Myopic, Beyond the Mirror’s Edge
Rabbits, SOS (Singles, Other sh*t)
Viper Fever, Revenge and Now You’re Dead


Los Asteroide, Los Asteroide
Clamfight, Bathosphere
Doctor Smoke, Demo 2013
Grey Mouse, Trip
Space God Ritual, Eldritch Tales
Various Artists, Go Down Records Compilation 2013


Doublestone, Wingmakers
Hawks and Hounds, Hawks and Hounds
La Chinga, La Chinga
Menhir, Uberlith II
Mutoid Man, Helium Head
Neon Warship, Neon Warship
No Gods No Masters, No Gods No Masters Demo EP
Slow Heart, Dead Friends and Angry Lovers


Black Wizard, Young Wisdom
Dead Meadow, Warble Womb
Domovoyd, Oh Sensibility
Gringo, The Cold Burn
Lamprey, The Burden of Beasts
The Melvins, Tres Cabrones
Pelican, Forever Becoming
Sinister Haze, Demo
Sons of Huns, Banishment Ritual
Summer Bacchanalia, Volume II
The White Kites, Missing


Akuma, For the Beloved Bones
Beehoover, The Devil and His Footmen
Rosetta, The Anaesthete
Tasha Yar, July 25, 2013
The Quash Wagon Reclusion, Blatancy


Black Thai, Seasons of Might
Blackout, We are Here
Corrections House, Last City Zero
The Cosmic Dead/Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Split LP
Phant, The Octophant Pt. 1
Supervoid, Filaments


Pigs, Gaffe
Pyramido, Saga
Tentudia, Tentudia
Viper Fever, Super Heavy Garage EP
When the Deadbolt Breaks, Drifting towards the Edge of the Earth


Akris, Akris
Atlantis, Omens
Ayahuasca Dark Trip, Mind Journey (Vinyl Reissue)
DoctoR DooM, DoomO
Electric Citizen, Electric Citizen EP
Mark Deutrom, Brief Sensuality and Western Violence
Old Man Wizard, Unfavorable
Second Grave, Antithesis
YOB, Catharsis (Reissue)


All Them Witches, Born under a Bad Sign
Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Spiritus Mundi
The Body, Christs, Redeemers
Dront, Ozymandias
Horisont, Time Warriors
Iron Man, South of the Earth
Nomadic Rituals, Holy Giants
Seremonia, Ihminen


Arcade Eyes, Arcade Eyes
The Decline Effect, The Decline Effect
The Freeks, Full On
Hollow Leg, Abysmal
Monster Magnet, Last Patrol
Moonbow, The End of Time
Old Man’s Will, Old Man’s Will


Argus, Beyond the Martyrs
Beelzefuzz, Beelzefuzz
Diesto, For Water or Blood
Earthless, From the Ages
Jesu, Every Day I Get Closer to the Light from Which I Came
Obelyskkh, Hymn to Pan
Picaporters, Elefantes
Signo Rojo, Live at Aggstocksfestival 2012
Spindrift, Ghost of the West
Tombstones, Red Skies and Dead Eyes
Vali, Skoglandskap
Windhand, Soma


Carousel, Jeweler’s Daughter
Mollusk, Colony of Machines
Nonsun, Sun Blind Me
Various Artists, Progstravaganza 13


Ice Dragon, Born a Heavy Morning
Monomyth, Monomyth
Moon Tooth, Freaks EP


Blue Snaggletooth, Dimension Thule
Hex Map, Ruin Value
Leperton, Leperton
Pektop, Black Moonshine EP
Primitive Man, Scorn


Curse the Son, Psychache
Dozer, Vultures
Riff Fist, Fistful of Riffs


Buddha Sentenza, South Western Lower Valley Rock
Mystery Ship, EP II
Traitors Return to Earth, Betting on a Full Collapse
Venomin James, Sailor’s Grave


Borracho, Oculus
Demon Lung, The Hundredth Name
Laser Flames on the Great Big News, Lambs to the Slaughter
Trouble, The Distortion Field


Against the Grain, Surrounded by Snakes
Arbouretum, A Gourd of Gold (Latitudes)
Black Mare, Field of the Host
Electric Moon, You Can See the Sound Of…
Fever Dog, The Great Tree


Entmoot, DEMO
Envoys, Violescent
Phantom Glue, A War of Light Cones
Pyres, Year of Sleep
True Widow, Circumambulation


f*ck the Facts, Amer EP


11 Paranoias, Superunnatural
Grime, Deteriorate
Monolith Cult, Run from the Light
Owt Kri, The New Seed
TTTDC, Greatest Hits


Beast in the Field, The Sacred Above The Sacred Below
Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Red Over Red
Black Sabbath, 13
High on Fire, Spitting Fire Live Vol. 1 & 2


Church of Misery, Thy Kingdom Scum
Sean Proper, Canal Machinery
Set and Setting, Equanimity


Across Tundras, Electric Relics
Demon Eye, Demon Eye EP
Fever Dog, Lady Snowblood
One Inch Giant, The Great White Beyond
Queens of the Stone Age, …Like Clockwork
Twingiant, Sin Nombre


Geezer, Gage EP


Zoned Out, Live at Union Pool, Brooklyn, March 28, 2013


Doomsower, Upon an Obsidian Throne


Boneworm, Boneworm
Graveyard, Live in Phoenix, AZ 02.19.13
Greenleaf, Live in Frankfurt, Germany, 10.10.12
Guerrera, Under the Gypsy Sun
Red Fang, Live at Roadburn 2012
Romero, Couch Lock Single
Spiritual Beggars, Earth Blues
Sungrazer, Live at Duna Jam 2011
The Body, Master, We Perish
The Mediums, Shiny Void Blues
The Obsessed, Live at Roadburn 2012
Various Artists, Keep Our Heads
Yob, The Unreal Never Lived at Roadburn 2012


Earthling, Dark Path
I Klatus, Kether
Mother Susurrus, Maahaavaa
Unmothered, Unmothered


Borracho, Mob Gathering
Boudain, Boudain EP
Corrosion of Conformity, Megalodon EP
Cortez, Demo 2006
It’s Not Night: It’s Space, East of the Sun & West of the Moon
Judas Priest, Live Vengeance 82
Olde Growth, Owl EP
Orchid, The Mouths of Madness
Sons of Tonatiuh, Parade of Sorrow
T.G. Olson, The Complete Blood Meridian for Electric Drone Guitar
Wasted Theory, Cinco Dechado de Cancion
Wasted Theory, GodSpeed


Against Nature, Ground Down
Beastwars, Blood Becomes Fire
Cattle, Cattle EP
Eldorado, Antigravity Sound Machine
Howl, Bloodlines
Iron Man, Submission EP
Molior Superum, Into the Sun
Moss, Horrible Night
Owl, Owl
Slomatics, The Future Past
Sunwølf, Midnight Moon


00y 18, Stahlstadt
Anciients, Heart of Oak
Bacchus Baracus, Tales of Worries, Woes and Whatever
Blaak Heat Shujaa, The Edge of an Era
Chowder, Chowder EP
Dream Death, Live 2012
Hot Lunch, Hot Lunch
Orodruin, In Doom EP
Ortega, The Serpent Stirs
Poor Faulkner, Cal Logsdon
Poor Faulkner, Go So We May See
Poor Faulkner, Mandorla
Shroud Eater, Dead Ends
Sick Visions, Demo 2012
The Saint James Society, Bab(ay)lon Rising


Black Income, Vigilantes
Blues Creation, Demon & Eleven Children
Cough & Windhand, Reflection of the Negative Split
Darkthrone, The Underground Resistance
Devil to Pay, Fate is Your Muse
Helen Money, Arriving Angels
Inter Arma, Sky Burial
Joe Hasselvander, Lady Killer Road Kill
Pagan Altar, Mythical and Magical
Pagan Altar, The Time Lord
Saint Vitus, Live at Roadburn 2009
Sannhet, New Flood
The Ravenna Arsenal, I


Arctic Sleep, Arbors
Backwoods Payback, Live 2012 EP
Batillus, Concrete Sustain
Beastwood, Alabama Space Witch
Black Sabbath, Live in Asbury Park, NJ 08.05.75
Coma Wall and Undersmile, Wood and Wire Split
Conny Ochs, Black Happy
Endless Boogie, Focus Level
Endless Boogie, Full House Head
Generous Maria, III
Guzzlemug, Away With the Wind & Noise
Heaven and Hell, Live at Radio City Music Hall
Heaven and Hell, The Devil You Know
Heavy Glow, Headhunter 7 Inch
Lord Summerisle, Demo
Mammoth Salmon, Internet EP
Mothership, Mothership
Orange Goblin, A Eulogy for the Fans
Usnea, Usnea
Weed Priest, Weed Priest
Wizard Eye, Orbital Rites


Llord, Demo
Locust of the Dead Earth, Mithridate
Low Man, Low Man EP
Lowburn, Soaring High EP
Mars Red Sky, Live at Netphen 18.05.12
Pombagira, Maleficia Lamiah
The Blacktones, Distorted Reality EP
The Grand Trick, The Daily Dose
Toby Wrecker, Sounds of Jura
Witchden, Consulting the Bones


Black Blizzard, Broken Hands, Broken Hearts
Black Capricorn, Born Under the Capricorn
Dalek, Gutter Tactics
Echoes of Yul, Cold Ground
Gozu, The Fury of a Patient Man
Ice Dragon, Aquageddon (Live)
Ice Dragon, The Soul’s Midnight
Leeches of Lore, Leeches of Lorchestra
Romero, Take the Potion
The Gates of Slumber, Stormcrow
The Kings of Frog Island, IV
The Machine & Sungrazer, Strikes and Gutters Split LP
War Injun, Tribal Eulogy


Amaxa, Amaxa
Archon, Ouroboros Collapsing
Aspen, Winds of Revenge
Bloodmoon, Orenda
Bottom, MMXII
Guzzlemug, Away With the Wind & Noise
Low Man, Snake Farmer–Jackhammerhead
Naga, Demo
Oresund Space Collective, Live at Den Gra Hall 01.18.13
The Traveling Circle, Escape from Black Cloud
Various Artists, Compilado Rock Chileno
Wheelfall, From the Blazing Sky at Dusk
Wheelfall, Interzone


Arbouretum, Coming Out of the Fog
Jamul, Jamul
Mountain Goat, Mountain Goat
New Keepers of the Water Towers, Cosmic Child
Romero, Couch Lock Single
Smoke Pilot, 4 Track EP Live in the Jam Room 2012
Stonewall Noise Orchestra, Salvation
Thalamus, Soul
The Flight of Sleipnir, Saga
The Wandering Midget, From the Meadows of Opium Dreams
The Wizar’d, Infernal Wizardry
The Wizar’d, Pathways into Darkness
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Volume 1
Unida, Coping with the Urban Coyote
Unsane, Blood Run
Unsane, Lambhouse, The Collection (1991-1998)
Unsane, Unsane
Unsane, Visqueen
Upwards of Endtime, Sadly Never Fore
Upwards of Endtime, Upwards of Endtime
Void Generator, We Have Found the Space
Wasted Theory, Cinco Dechado De Cancion
Weedeater, ..And Justice for Y’all
Weedeater, God Luck and Good Speed
Weedeater, Sixteen Tons
Weird Owl, Build Your Beast a Fire
Weird Owl, Ever the Silver Cord be Loosed
Wiht, The Harrowing of the North
Wo Fat, The Gathering Dark
Wooden Shjips, Dos
Wooden Shjips, West
Wooden Shjips, Wooden Shjips
Yawning Sons, Ceremony to the Sunset
Zombi, Cosmos
Zombi, Spirit Animal


A Thousand Knives of Fire, Last Train to Scornsville
El-Thule, Green Magic
Howlin Widow, CD-EP 2010
Howlin Widow, Demo 2009
Hull, Beyond the Lightless Sky
Salvador, Astral Eyes
Taint, Secrets and Lies
Teeth of the Hydra, Greenland
Teeth of the Hydra, We are the Fantasy
Ten East, Extraterrestrial Highway
Terraplane, Into the Unknown
Thalamus, Sign Here for Nothing EP
Thou, Peasant
Thou, Summit
Thou, Tyrant
Throttlerod, Eastbound and Down
Throttlerod, Nail
Throttlerod, Starve the Dead
Tia Carrera, Cosmic Priestess
Tia Carrera, Heaven and Hell EP
Tia Carrera, The November Session
Titan, A Raining Sun of Light and Love, for You and You and You
Titan, Sweet Dreams
Toad, Tomorrow Blue
Tombs, Path of Totality
Tombs, Winter Hours
Toner Low, II
Toner Low, Toner Low
Totimoshi, Milagrosa
U.S. Christmas, Eat the Low Dogs
U.S. Christmas, Run Thick in the Night
U.S. Christmas, Salt the Wound
U.S. Christmas, The Valley Path
Ulver, Blood Inside
Ulver, Shadows of the Sun
Ulver, Wars of the Roses
Unearthly Trance, Electrocution
Unearthly Trance, The Trident
Uriah Heep, Look at Yourself
Uriah Heep, Salisbury


Misfits, Static Age
Six Organs of Admittance, Asleep on the Floodplain
Six Organs of Admittance, Luminous Night
Six Organs of Admittance, School of the Flower
Six Organs of Admittance, Shelter from the Ash
Six Organs of Admittance, The Sun Awakens
Skanska Mord, The Last Supper
Slo Burn, Amusing the Amazing
Slough Feg, Ape Uprising
Slough Feg, Hardworlder
Slough Feg, The Animal Spirits
Snail, Snail
Sol Fiya, Heaven She Rides
Solace, The Black Black
Solitude Aeturnus, Adagio
Solitude Aeturnus, Alone
Solitude Aeturnus, Beyond the Crimson Horizon
Solitude Aeturnus, Downfall
Solitude Aeturnus, Into the Depths of Sorrow
Solitude Aeturnus, Through the Darkest Hour
Sons of Alpha Centauri, Sons of Alpha Centauri
Sons of Otis, Exiled
Sons of Otis, Seismic
Sons of Otis, Songs for Worship
Sons of Otis, Spacejumbofudge
Sons of Otis, Templeball
Sons of Otis, X
Soundgarden, Louder Than Love
Sourvein, Black Fangs
Sourvein, Ghetto Angel
Sourvein, Imperial Bastard
Sourvein, Will to Mangle
Spindrift, The Legend of God’s Gun
Spindrift, The West
Spirit Caravan, Elusive Truth
Spirit Caravan, The Last Embrace
Spiritual Beggars, On Fire
Spiritual Beggars, Return to Zero
Stake-Off the Witch, Medusa
Starchild & Rebreather, Split
Steak, Disastronaught EP
Stoned Jesus, First Communion
Stoned Jesus, Seven Thunders Roar
Stoned Jesus, Stormy Monday
Subrosa, No Help for the Mighty Ones
Subrosa, Strega
Sula Bassana, Dreamer
Sula Bassana, Kosmonauts
Sula Bassana, The Night
Suma, Ashes
Suma, Let the Churches Burn
Suplecs, Mad Oak Redux
Swans, My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky
Tasha-Yar, Make Me Invisible
The Sword, Age of Winters
Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight, Going Home
Wino, Live at Roadburn 2009
Zak Riles, Zak Riles


Aunt Mary, Janus
Aunt Mary, Loaded
Black Space Riders, Light is the New Black
Chicken Shack, Accept Chicken Shack
Dio, Holy Diver
Dio, Sacred Heart
Dio, The Last in Line
Dopefight, Demo
Dopefight, Premature Nethanderal Idiocracy (Demo)
Elvis Deluxe, Lazy
Foghat, Foghat
Foghat, Rock and Roll
Karl Sanders, Saurian Exorcisms
Karl Sanders, Saurian Meditations
Kyuss, Muchas Gracias (The Best of)
Lamont, Muscle, Guts and Luck
Lamont, Thunder Boogie
Leeches of Lore, Attack the Future
May Blitz, May Blitz
Mollusk & Stormbrewer, Split
Night Horse, The Dark Won’t Hide You
Obskuria, Discovery of Obskuria
Pentagram, Human Hurricane
Place of Skulls, As a Dog Returns
Place of Skulls, The Black is Never Far
Place of Skulls, With Vision
Roadsaw, Roadsaw EP
Roadsaw, Takin’ Out the Trash
Sabbath Assembly, Restored to One
Sahg, II
Sahg, III
Salem Mass, Witch Burning
Salome, Terminal
Samurai, Todo el Odio del Unicornio
Sardonis, Sardonis
Sasquatch, II
Sasquatch, III
Sasquatch, Sasquatch
Saturnalia Temple, Ur
Saturnia, Muzak
Saviours, Crucifire
Saviours, Death’s Procession
Saviours, Into Abaddon
Saviours, Warship
Scissorfight, American Cloven Hoof Blues
Scissorfight, Balls Deep
Scissorfight, New Hampshire
Scorpions, Fly to the Rainbow
Scorpions, In Trance
Scorpions, Lonesome Crow
Scorpions, Virgin Killer
Shrinebuilder, Coextinction Recordings 3
Sonic Titan, Even Higher
The Swan King, Eyes Like Knives
Tin House, Tin House
Valis, Head Full of Pills


Elder, Valley Homegrown Live 2010
Grimlord, V Column
Mighty High, Live at the Grand Victory 2012
Roadsaw, Rawk ‘n’ Roll
Roadsaw, Roadsaw
Sod Hauler, Sod Hauler
Sons of Kings, Sons of Kings
The Heavy Co., The Heavy (Please Tune In…)
The Hedons, Tomb of Stars


Bloodhorse, Bloodhorse
Bloodhorse, Horizoner
Clutch, Impetus EP
Clutch, Live in Flint, Michigan
Demonauta, Caminando en la Luna
Erik Larson, Faith Hope Love
Godhunter, Wolves
Ice Dragon, The Burl, the Earth, the Aether
Ides of Gemini, Constantinople
Iron Man, Black Night
Iron Man, The Passage
Iron Monkey, Our Problem
Ivy Garden of the Desert, Blood is Love
Ivy Garden of the Desert, Docile
Jesu, Silver
Jethro Tull, Aqualung
Jethro Tull, Benefit
Jex Thoth, Jex Thoth
Josiah, Into the Outside
Josiah, Josiah
Josiah, No Time
Josiah, Procession
JPT Scare Band, Jamm Vapour
Jucifer, L’Autrichienne
Judas Priest, Rocka Rolla
Judas Priest, Sad Wings of Destiny
Karma to Burn, Almost Heathen
Karma to Burn, Appalachian Incantation
Karma to Burn, Karma to Burn
Karma to Burn, Live in London and Chasing the Dragon
Karma to Burn, V
Karma to Burn, Wild Wonderful Purgatory
King Giant, Dismal Hollow
King Giant, Southern Darkness
Kongh, Counting Heartbeats
Kongh, Shadows of the Shapeless
Kylesa, Spiral Shadow
Kylesa, Static Tensions
Kylesa, Time Will Fuse its Worth
Kylesa, To Walk a Middle Course
Kypck, Cherno
Lamp of the Universe, Earth, Spirit & Sky
Las Cruces, Dusk
Leeches of Lore, Giant Sloth
Leeches of Lore, Leeches of Lore
Lonely Kamel, Blues for the Dead
Lonely Kamel, Dust Devil
Lonely Kamel, Lonely Kamel
Loss, Despond
Lost Breed, Wino Daze Demo 1989
Lotus Eaters, Mind Control for Infants
Lucifer’s Friend, Lucifer’s Friend
Mad Season, Above
Maligno, The Funeral Domine
Mammatus, Mammatus
Mammatus, The Coast Explodes
Mangoo, Neverland
Masters of Reality, Flak ‘n’ Flight
Mastodon, Leviathan
Mastodon, Lifesblood
Mastodon, Remission
Melvins, (A) Senile Animal
Mendozza, Cabra Noche
Middian, Age Eternal
Minsk, Out of a Center Which is Neither Dead Nor Alive
Minsk, The Ritual Fires of Abandonment
Minsk, With Echoes in the Movement of Stone
Mirror of Deception, A Smouldering Fire
Monkey3 & Hypnos69, Split EP
Monkey3, 39 Laps
Monkey3, Beyond the Black Sky
Monkey3, Monkey3
Monkey3, Undercover
Monobrow, Monobrow
Monster Magnet, Superjudge
Morbid Wizard, Necrosis of the Eyeball
Mos Generator, Nomads
Mouth of the Architect, The Ties that Bind
Mouth of the Architect, Time & Withering
Mustasch, Ratsafari
My Sleeping Karma, Live at Roadburn 2008
Natur, Head of Death
Nebula, BBC Sessions
Night Horse, Perdition Hymns
Obskuria, Burning Sea of Green
Ocean Chief, Den Förste
Ogre, Dawn of the Proto-Man
Ogre, Plague of the Planet
On Trial, Forever
Orange Goblin, Coup de Grace
Orange Goblin, Healing through Fire
Orange Goblin, The Big Black
Orange Goblin, Thieving from the House of God
Orange Sunshine, hom*o Erectus
Orange Sunshine, Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am
Orchid, Capricorn
Orchid, Through the Devil’s Doorway
Orthodox, Baal
Orthodox, Gran Poder
Outlaw Order, Dragging Down the Enforcer
Outlaw Order, Legalize Crime
p*rn , Wine, Women & Song
p*rn & Merzbow, …And the Devil Makes Three
Primordial, Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand
Primordial, The Gathering Wilderness
Primordial, To the Nameless Dead
Puny Human, Universal Freak Out
Rainbow, Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
Rainbow, Rising
Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow
Ramesses, Possessed by the Rise of Magik
Ramesses, Take the Curse
Ramesses, The Tomb
Sula Bassana, Dark Days
Swans, Children of God
The Body & Braveyoung, Nothing Passes
The Body, All the Waters of the Earth Shall Turn to Blood
The Book of Knots, Garden of Fainting Stars
The Book of Knots, The Book of Knots
The Book of Knots, Traineater
The Crimson Electric, The Crimson Electric
The Flying Eyes, The Flying Eyes
The Lamp of Thoth, Portents, Omens & Dooms
The Mighty Nimbus, The Mighty Nimbus
The Obsessed, Incarnate
Trouble, Manic Frustration
Trouble, Plastic Green Head
Trouble, Psalm 9
Trouble, Run to the Light
Trouble, Simple Mind Condition
Trouble, The Skull
Trouble, Trouble
Tumbleweed Dealer, Death Rides Southwards
Ufomammut, Eve
Ufomammut, Idolum
Ufomammut, Snailking
Vibravoid, Politics of Ecstacy
Yog-Sothoth, Hypnotic Crushery


Amplified Heat, Amplified Heat
Ancient Astronaught, Pilot Chariot
Bang, Bang
Bar de Monjas, Bar de Monjas EP
Barr, Atlantic Ocean Blues
Beast in the Field, World Ending
Beastwars, Beastwars
Black Magician, Nature is the Devil’s Church
Black Sabbath, Live at Last
Black Sabbath, Live Evil
Black Shape of Nexus, Negative Black
Blood Ceremony, Blood Ceremony
Blood Ceremony, Living with the Ancients
Blue Aside, The Moles of a Dying Race
Cherry Choke, A Night in the Arms of Venus
Clutch, Basket of Eggs
Clutch, Passive Restraints
Elonkorjuu, Harvest Time
Enslaved, Isa
Enslaved, Ruun
Farflung, A Wound in Eternity
Firebird, No. 3
Fooz, Fooz II Space is Dark, It is so Endless
Fu Manchu, Go for It… Live!
Fuzz Manta, Opus II
Fuzz Manta, Vortex Memplex
Fuzzy Duck, Fuzzy Duck
Goatsnake, Flower of Disease
Goatsnake, Trampled under Hoof
Goblin co*ck, Bagged and Boarded
Godflesh, Hymns
Godflesh, Pure
Golden Pig Electric Blues Band, Hitchhiking to Oblivion
Grails, Black Tar Prophecies Volumes I, II, & III
Grails, Burning off Impurities
Grails, Interpretations of Three Psychedelic Rock Songs from Around the World
Grails, Redlight
Grails, The Burden of Hope
Graves at Sea, Asunder Split
Graves at Sea, Documents of Grief
Groan, The Sleeping Wizard
Hawkwind, Doremi Fasol Latido
Herba Mate, The Jellyfish is Dead and the Hurricane is Coming
Hills, Hills
Horisont, Second Assault
Horisont, Tva Sidor av Horisonten
Hotel Wrecking City Traders & Spider Goat Canyon, Japan Tour Split
Hour of 13, Hour of 13
Hour of 13, The Ritualist
Humo del Cairo, Humo del Cairo
Icecross, Icecross
Iguana, Get the City Love You
Indian, Guiltless
Indian, The Unquiet Sky
Internal Void, Matricide
Iron Claw, Iron Claw
Iron Man, I Have Returned
Jerusalem, Jerusalem
Jesu, Ascension
Larman Clamor, Gorgon’s Gold EP
Om, Gebel Barkal 7”
Sir Lord Baltimore, Kingdom Come
Sir Lord Baltimore, Sir Lord Baltimore
Swans, The Seer
Swarm of the Lotus, The Sirens of Silence
Toad, Toad
Troubled Horse, Live at Roadburn 2010
Troubled Horse, Step Inside
Uriah Heep, Very ‘Eavy Very ‘Umble
Uriah Heep, Demons and Wizards
Warhorse, As Heaven Turns to Ash
Warhorse, Lysergic Communion
Warhorse, Warhorse (1970)
Yakuza, Of Seismic Consequence


1000mods, Blank Reality EP
16 Horsepower, Folklore
16 Horsepower, Hoarse
16 Horsepower, Live March 2001
16 Horsepower, Low Estate
16 Horsepower, Sackcloth ‘n’ Ashes
16 Horsepower, Secret South
Across Tundras, Western Sky Ride
Bell Witch, Bell Witch Demo 2011
Brant Bjork & the Bros, Saved by Magic
Brant Bjork & the Bros, Somera Sol
Brant Bjork, Punk Rock Guilt
Cavity, On the Lam
Cavity, Somewhere between the Train Station and the Dumping Grounds
Cavity, Supercollider
Celestial Season, Chrome
Che, Sounds of Liberation
Citay, Little Kingdom
Colour Haze, Periscope
Crippled Black Phoenix, 200 Tons of Bad Luck
Crippled Black Phoenix, A Love of Shared Disasters
Crippled Black Phoenix, I, Vigilante
Cultura Tres, El Mal del Bien
Cuzo, Alquimia Para Principiantes
Cuzo, Otros Mundos
Dala Sun, Gegenschein
Dala Sun, Sala Dun
Dark Castle, Surrender to all Life Beyond Form
Dead Man, Euphoria
Dead Meadow, Feathers
Dead Meadow, Old Growth
Dead Meadow, Olden
Deadbird, The Head and the Heart
Deadbird, Twilight Ritual
Death SS, The Story of Death SS 1977-1984
Del Rey, A Pyramid for the Living
Del Rey, Immemorial
Del Rey, Speak it not Aloud
Devil to Pay, Cash is King
Diesto, High as the Sun
Dixie Witch, Into the Sun
Dixie Witch, Let it Roll
Dixie Witch, One Bird, Two Stones
Dixie Witch, Smoke and Mirrors
Dopefight, Buds
Down, Down II A Bustle in Your Hedgerow
Down, Nola
Dragontears, 2000 Micrograms from Home
Droids Attack, Fatal Error
Drunk Horse, In Tongues
Dust, Dust
Dust, Hard Attack
Dwellers, Good Morning Harakiri
Earthless, Live At Roadburn 2008
Earthless, Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky
Earthless, Sonic Prayer
Earthride, Something Wicked
Earthride, Taming of the Demons
Earthride, Vampire Circus
Egypt, Egypt
Electric Wizard, Legalise Drugs and Murder
Elvis Deluxe, Favourite State of Mind
Enslaved, Axioma Ethica Odini
Eternal Tapestry, Dawn in Two Dimensions
Fatso Jetson, Stinky Little Gods
Fatso Jetson, Toasted
Firebird, Grand Union
Floor, Below and Beyond, 01 Riddim of Silence
Floor, Below and Beyond, 02 Pillars of Irem
Floor, Below and Beyond, 03 f*ck You. for Now
Floor, Below and Beyond, 04 Dove
Floor, Below and Beyond, 05 Saturnine and Tears
Floor, Below and Beyond, 06 Somewhere in Miami-305 Alive
Floor, Below and Beyond, 07 Floor Plus Outtakes
Floor, Below and Beyond, 08 It’s Not the Same
Floor, Floor
Fu Manchu, California Crossing
Funkadelic, Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow
Grails, Doomsdayer’s Holiday
Grails, Take Refuge in Clean Living
Harvester, The Blind Summit Recordings
Hermano, …Into the Exam Room
Hermano, Dare I Say
Hermano, Live at W2
Hills, Master Sleeps
Hollow Leg, Instinct
Humo del Cairo, Vol. II
Iota, Tales
Julie Christmas, The Bad Wife
Lo-Pan, Sasquanaut
Mike Scheidt, Stay Awake
Moab, Ab Ovo
Naam, Kingdom EP
Naam, Naam
Naam, The Ballad of the Starchild
Neurosis, A Sun that Never Sets
Neurosis, Enemy of the Sun
Neurosis, Given to the Rising
Neurosis, Honor Found in Decay
Neurosis, Locust Star
Neurosis, Souls at Zero
Neurosis, Sovereign
Neurosis, The Eye of Every Storm
Neurosis, Through Silver in Blood
Neurosis, Times of Grace
Order of the Owl, Cocaine Super Demon EP
Oresund Space Collective, Dead Man in Space
Oresund Space Collective, West, Space and Love
Pallbearer, Demo
Pallbearer, Sorrow and Extinction
Paul Chain, Park of Reason
Pilgrim, Misery Wizard
Pontiak, Echo Ono
Sandrider, Sandrider
Seremonia, Seremonia
Serpentina Satellite, Mecanica Celeste
Skraeckoedlan, Appeltradet
Stoneburner, Sickness Will Pass
Stoned Jesus, First Communion
Tasha-Yar, Casting Lots
The Asound, The Asound EP
The Atomic Bitchwax, The Local Fuzz
The Company Band, Pros & Cons
The Company Band, Sign Here, Here, and Here
The Company Band, The Company Band
The Cosmic Dead, Cozmik Tape I
The Egocentrics, Center of the Cyclone
The Fever Machine, Living In Oblivion
The Hidden Hand, Devoid of Colour
The Might Could, The Might Could
Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight, Movin On
Truth and Janey, Erupts!
Tweak Bird, Tweak Bird
Tweak Bird, Undercover Crops
Ufomammut, Oro Opus Alter
Ufomammut, Oro Opus Primum
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Blood Lust
Unida, For the Working Man
Valley of the Sun, The Sayings of the Seers
Various Artists, Doommantia Vol. 1
Vulture, Oblivious to Ruin
Worm Ouroboros, Come the Thaw


Black Cobra, Bestial
Black Cobra, Chronomega
Black Cobra, Feather and Stone
Black Cobra, Invernal
Bloodrock, Bloodrock
Bloodrock, Bloodrock 2
Core, The Hustle is On
Corrosion of Conformity, America’s Volume Dealer
Corrosion of Conformity, Animosity
Corrosion of Conformity, Corrosion of Conformity
Corrosion of Conformity, Deliverance
Corrosion of Conformity, Eye for an Eye Plus Six Songs with Mike Singing
Corrosion of Conformity, In the Arms of God
Corrosion of Conformity, Technocracy
Corrosion of Conformity, Wiseblood
Cough, Ritual Abuse
Cough, Sigillum Luciferi
Crowbar, Crowbar
Crowbar, Equilibrium
Crowbar, Lifesblood for the Downtrodden
Crowbar, Obedience Thru Suffering
Crowbar, Odd Fellows Rest
Crowbar, Sonic Excess in its Purest Form
Crowbar, Time Heals Nothing
Dead Empires, Waiting in Waves
Deep Purple, In Rock
Giza, Future Ruins
Opeth, Blackwater Park
Sardonis, II
Scissorfight, Jaggernaut
Scissorfight, Mantrapping for Sport and Profit
Scissorfight, Potential New Agent for Unconventional Warfare
Scissorfight, Victory Over Horsesh*t
The Wounded Kings, Embrace of the Narrow House
The Wounded Kings, In the Chapel of the Black Hand


Bezoar, Wyt Deth
Caltrop, Ten Million Years and Eight Minutes
Candlemass, Ancient Dreams
Candlemass, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Candlemass, Nightfall
Candlemass, Tales of Creation
Causa Sui, Summer Sessions Vol. 1
Causa Sui, Summer Sessions Vol. 2
Causa Sui, Summer Sessions Vol. 3
Church of Misery, Houses of the Unholy
Church of Misery, Live at Roadburn 2009
Church of Misery, Master of Brutality
Church of Misery, The Second Coming
Church of Misery, Vol. 1
Clagg, Lord of the Deep
Clutch, Robot Hive-Exodus
Clutch, Slow Hole to China Rare and Unreleased
Clutch, Strange Cousins from the West
My Sleeping Karma, My Sleeping Karma
My Sleeping Karma, Satya
My Sleeping Karma, Tri
Pelican, Ataraxia-Taraxis EP
Pelican, Australasia
Pelican, City of Echoes
Pelican, March into the Sea
Pelican, Pelican EP
Pelican, The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
Pelican, What We all Come to Need
Roadsaw, 1998 Demos
Shroud Eater, ThunderNoise
Snail, Blood
Tummler, Early Man
Tummler, Queen to Bishop VI


Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Don’t Hear It…Fear It!
Amenra, Mass V
Bell Witch, Longing
Bison B.C., Lovelessness
Core, Revival
Dream Death, Journey into Mystery
El Straffo, Hecho en México
Electric Wizard, Black Masses
Electric Wizard, Witchcult Today
Eyehategod, New Orleans is the New Vietnam
Funeral, Oratorium
Funkadelic, Maggot Brain
Kowloon Walled City, Container Ships
Megaton Leviathan, Water Wealth Hell on Earth
Melvins, The Bride Screamed Murder
Om, Live at Jerusalem
Pombagira, Iconoclast Dream
Premonition 13, 13
Premonition 13, Switchhouse bw Crossthreaded
Red Fang, Murder the Mountains
Revelation, Inner Harbor
Scott Kelly, The Wake
Steve Von Till, If I Should Fall to the Field
The Kings of Frog Island, III
The Kings of Frog Island, The Kings of Frog Island
The Obsessed, Lunar Womb
The Obsessed, The Church Within
The Obsessed, The Obsessed
Torche, In Return
Torche, Meanderthal
Torche, Meanderthal Demos
Torche, Torche
Truckfighters, Gravity X
Truckfighters, Phi
Viaje a 800, Conac Oxigenado
Viaje a 800, Diablo Roto De
Viaje a 800, Estampida de Trombones
Witchcraft, Firewood
Witchcraft, Legend
Witchcraft, The Alchemist
Witchcraft, Witchcraft
Wovenhand, Consider the Birds
Wovenhand, Wovenhand


Beast in the Field, Goat Isle Seance
Beast in the Field, Lucifer, Bearer of Light
Bedemon, Child of Darkness
Bedemon, Symphony of Shadows
Bible of the Devil, Freedom Metal
Bible of the Devil, The Diabolic Procession
Black Bombaim, Saturdays and Space Travels
Black Bombaim, Titans
Black Rainbows & Farflung, Split
Black Rainbows, Carmina Diablo
Black Rainbows, Twilight in the Desert
Black Widow, Sacrifice
Bloodiest, Descent
Bong, Mana-Yood-Sushai
Boris, Flood
Brant Bjork, Live at Roadburn 17.04.10
Celtic Frost, To Mega Therion
Colour Haze, Burg Herzberg Festival 18. Juli 2008
Coven, Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls
Eternal Tapestry, Prometheus Rising
EYE, Center of the Sun
Fatso Jetson, Archaic Volumes
Goatsnake, Live at Roadburn 2010
Halfway to Gone, Halfway to Gone
Halfway to Gone, High Five
Halfway to Gone, Second Season
Hielo Negro, Purgatorio Bar
High on Fire, Blessed Black Wings
High on Fire, De Vermis Mysteriis
High on Fire, Death is this Communion
High on Fire, Snakes for the Divine
High on Fire, Surrounded by Thieves
High on Fire, The Art of Self Defense
High Tide, High Tide
High Tide, Sea Shanties
Hypnos 69, Legacy
Hypnos 69, The Electric Measure
Hypnos 69, The Intrigue of Perception
Kings Destroy, And the Rest will Surely Perish
Kyuss, Mercurious Pools
La Ira De Dios, Peru No Existe
Leeches of Lore, Frenzy, Ecstasy
Melvins Lite, Freak Puke
Nebula, Heavy Psych
Pentagram, First Daze Here
Pentagram, First Daze Here Too [Disc 1]
Pentagram, First Daze Here Too [Disc 2]
Queens of the Stone Age, Lullabies to Paralyze
Queens of the Stone Age, Over the Years and through the Woods
Queens of the Stone Age, Rated R
Queens of the Stone Age, Songs for the Deaf
Quest for Fire, Lights from Paradise
Quest for Fire, Quest for Fire
Scott Kelly, Spirit Bound Flesh
Scott Kelly and the Road Home, The Forgiven Ghost in Me
Serpent Venom, Carnal Altar
Solace, A.D.
Steve Von Till, A Grave is a Grim Horse
Steve Von Till, As the Crow Flies
The Gates of Slumber, Hymns of Blood and Thunder
The Gates of Slumber, The Wretch
The Hidden Hand, Divine Propaganda
The Hidden Hand, Mother Teacher Destroyer
The Hidden Hand, The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote
The Machine, Drie
The Machine, Shadow of the Machine
The Machine, Solar Corona
Torche, Harmonicraft


Ashbury, Endless Skies
Clutch, Blast Tyrant
Clutch, Clutch
Clutch, Full Fathom Five
Clutch, Heard it all Before- Live at the Hifi Bar Disc 1
Clutch, Heard it all Before- Live at the Hifi Bar Disc 2
Clutch, Jam Room
Clutch, Transnational Speedway League- Anthems, Anecdotes, and Undeniable Truths
Devil To Pay, Heavily Ever After
Eagle Twin, The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale
Eagle Twin, The Unkindness of Crows
Earthless & Premonition 13 & Radio Moscow, Split
Elliott’s Keep, In Medias Res
Elliott’s Keep, Sine Qua Non
Graveyard, Graveyard
Graveyard, Hisingen Blues
Heavy Glow, Midnight Moan
Monster Magnet, Dopes to Infinity
Monster Magnet, Spine of God
Radio Moscow, Brain Cycles
Radio Moscow, Radio Moscow
Radio Moscow, The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz
Sadgiqacea, Submerged in Manichea
Saint Vitus, Born too Late
Saint Vitus, C.O.D
Saint Vitus, Die Healing
Saint Vitus, Live
Saint Vitus, Mournful Cries
Saint Vitus, Saint Vitus
Saint Vitus, V
Samsara Blues Experiment, Samsara Blues Experiment
Siena Root, Far from the Sun
Siena Root, Kaleidoscope
Siena Root, Root Jam


500 Ft. of Pipe, The Electrifying Church of the New Light
Black Cobra, Chronomega
Bongzilla, Apogee
Brant Bjork, Brant Bjork & The Operators
Citay, Dream Get Together
Dead Meadow, Dead Meadow
Dead Meadow, Howls from the Hills
Dead Meadow, Shivering King and Others
Dead Meadow, Three Kings
Ice Dragon, Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon, Tome of the Future Ancients
Jesu, Jesu
Lord Fowl, Endless Dynamite
Lord Fowl, Moon Queen
Masters of Reality, Pine-Cross Dover
Melvins, Houdini
Melvins, Stoner Witch
Olde Growth, Olde Growth
Solace, 13
Solace, Further
The Brought Low, Right on Time
The Brought Low, Third Record
The Machine, Calmer Than You Are
Them Crooked Vultures, Them Crooked Vultures
Wight, Through the Woods into Deep Water
Wight, Wight Weedy Wight
YOB, Catharsis
YOB, Elaborations of Carbon
YOB, Live at Roadburn 2010
YOB, The Great Cessation
YOB, The Illusion of Motion
YOB, The Unreal Never Lived


35007, Phase V
40 Watt Sun, The Inside Room
Abramis Brama, Smakar Sondag
Acid King, The Early Years
Acrimony, The Acid Elephant
Across Tundras, Moonshinin’
Admiral Browning, Battle Stations
Against Nature, Chasing Eagles
Against Nature, Stone Over Stone
Akimbo, City of the Stars
Akimbo, Navigating the Bronze
Alabama Thunderpuss*, Constellation
Alabama Thunderpuss*, Staring at the Divine
Alcest, Voyages de l’ame
Amplified Heat, Amplified Heat
Angels of Light, We are Him
Arenna, Beats of Olarizu
Argus, Argus
Argus, Boldly Stride the Doomed
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, Ekranoplan
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, When Sweet Sleep Returned
Astra, The Weirding
At Devil Dirt, At Devil Dirt
At Devil Dirt, Chapter II -Vulgo gratissimus auctor
At Devil Dirt, In Atacama´s landscape EP
Baby Woodrose, Baby Woodrose
Baby Woodrose, Dropout
Baby Woodrose, Mindblowing Seeds and Disconnected Flowers
Baby Woodrose, Money For Soul
Baby Woodrose, Third Eye Surgery
Barn Owl, Lost in the Glare
Barn Owl, Shadowland
Battle of Mice, A Day of Nights
Been Obscene, The Magic Table Dance
Bison B.C., Quiet Earth
Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath, Live in Paris 1970
Black Sabbath, Master of Reality
Black Sabbath, Paranoid
Black Sabbath, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath, Sabotage
Black Sabbath, Vol. 4
Blackwater Park, Dirt Box
Blood Farmers, Blood Farmers
Blood Farmers, Permanent Brain Damage
Blowback, 800 Miles
Blowback, Morning Wood
Brant Bjork, Gods & Goddesses
Brant Bjork, Keep Your Cool
Brant Bjork, Local Angel
Budgie, Budgie
Budgie, Squawk
Buried at Sea, Ghost
Cactus, Cactus
Cactus, One Way… Or Another
Cactus, Restrictions
Clutch, From Beale Street to Oblivion
Colour Haze, She Said
Conan, Horseback Battle Hammer
Crooked Hook, The Captain Will be Your Guide
Dark Castle, Spirited Migration
Dark Tooth Encounter, Soft Monsters
Dozer, Beyond Colossal
Dozer, Call it Conspiracy
Dozer, Madre de Dios
Dozer, Through the Eyes of Heathens
Drcarlsonalbion, Edward Kelley’s Blues
Drcarlsonalbion, La Strega and the Cunning Man in the Smoke
Earth, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I
Earth, Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II
Earth, HEX Or Printing In The Infernal Method
Earth, Hibernaculum
Earth, The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull
Egypt, Egypt
Free, Free
Fu Manchu, The Action is Go
Fu Manchu, We Must Obey
Glowsun, Eternal Season
Goatsnake, Live at Roadburn 2010
Graveyard, Lights Out
Grayceon, All We Destroy
Greenleaf, Agents of Ahriman
Greenleaf, Revolution Rock
Greenleaf, Secret Alphabets
Heat, Old Sparky
Hour of 13, 333
Ice Dragon & Pilgrim, Visage of Astaroth Split
Langfinger, Skygrounds
Lords of the North, Lords of the North
Los Natas, El Hombre Montana
Los Natas, Munchen Sessions
Los Natas, Nuevo Orden de la Libertad
Los Natas, Toba Trance
Los Natas, Toba Trance II
Mos Generator, The Late Great Planet Earth
Mountain, Climbing
Mountain Goat, Mountain Goat
New Keepers of the Water Towers, The Calydonian Hunt
New Keepers of the Water Towers, The Chronicles
Om, Conference of the Birds
Om, God is Good
Om, Pilgrimage
Om, Variations on a Theme
Orange Goblin, Frequencies from Planet Ten
Orange Goblin, Time Travelling Blues
Queens of the Stone Age, Queens of the Stone Age
Rwake, Rest
Samsara Blues Experiment, Long Distance Trip
Samsara Blues Experiment, Revelation & Mystery
Six Organs of Admittance, Ascent
Sleep, Dopesmoker
Sleep, Sleep’s Holy Mountain
Sleep, Volume Two
Stone Axe, II
Stone Axe, Stone Axe
The Atomic Bitchwax, 4
The Bakerton Group, El Rojo
The Deep Blue, The Deep Blue
The Disease Concept, Liquor Bottles and Broken Steel
Unida, El Coyote
Wight, Through The Woods Into Deep Water
Windhand, Windhand
Wino & Conny Ochs, Heavy Kingdom
Wino, Adrift
Wino, Punctuated Equilibrium
Witch Mountain, Cauldron of the Wild
Witch Mountain, Come the Mountain
Witch Mountain, South of Salem
Wo Fat, Noche del Chupacabra
Wo Fat, Psychedelonaut
Wo Fat, The Black Code
Wovenhand, The Laughing Stalk
Wovenhand, The Threshingfloor
Yawning Man, Nomadic Pursuits
Yawning Man, Pot Head
Yawning Man, Rock Formations
Zoroaster, Dog Magic
Zoroaster, Matador
Zoroaster, Voice of Saturn

11.28.12 Abramis Brama, När Tystnaden Lagt Sig
11.28.12 Acid King, III
11.28.12 Acrimony, Tumuli Shroomaroom
11.28.12 Admiral Browning, Magic Elixir
11.28.12 Alabama Thunderpuss*, Rise Again
11.28.12 Alabama Thunderpuss*, River City Revival
11.28.12 Alunah, Call of Avernus
11.28.12 Ancestors, Invisible White
11.28.12 Ancestors, Neptune with Fire
11.28.12 Ancestors, Of Sound Mind
11.28.12 Apostle of Solitude, Last Sunrise
11.28.12 Apostle of Solitude, Sincerest Misery
11.28.12 Ararat, Musica de la Resistencia
11.28.12 Arc of Ascent, Circle of the Sun
11.28.12 Arc of Ascent, The Higher Key
11.28.12 Ascend, Ample.Fire.Within
11.28.12 Astrosoniq, Quadrant
11.28.12 Backwoods Payback, Momantha
11.28.12 Been Obscene, Night o’ Mine
11.28.12 Black Math Horseman, Wyllt
11.28.12 Black Thai, Blood from on High
11.28.12 Blue Cheer, Vincebus Eruptum
11.28.12 Bongzilla, Amerijuanican
11.28.12 Brant Bjork, Tres Dias
11.28.12 Buffalo, Volcanic Rock
11.28.12 Byla, Byla
11.28.12 Captain Beyond, Captain Beyond
11.28.12 Cortez, Cortez
11.28.12 Cortez, Thunder in a Forgotten Town
11.28.12 Dozer, In the Tail of a Comet
11.28.12 Eggnogg, Moments in Vacuum
11.28.12 Electric Moon, Flaming Lake
11.28.12 Electric Wizard, Dopethrone
11.28.12 Gozu, Locust Season
11.28.12 Hawkwind, Warrior on the Edge of Time
11.28.12 Ice Dragon, greyblackfalconhawk
11.28.12 Ice Dragon, The Sorrowful Sun
11.28.12 Leaf Hound, Growers of Mushroom
11.28.12 Loop, Fade Out
11.28.12 Loop, Heaven’s End
11.28.12 Operators, Operators
11.28.12 Orodruin, Claw Tower and Other Tales of Terror
11.28.12 Orodruin, Epicurean Mass
11.28.12 Siena Root, Different Realities
11.28.12 The Atomic Bitchwax, 3
11.28.12 The Atomic Bitchwax, II
11.28.12 The Atomic Bitchwax, The Atomic Bitchwax
11.28.12 The Bakerton Group, The Bakerton Group
11.28.12 The Cosmic Dead, The Exalted King
11.28.12 The Kings of Frog Island, II
11.28.12 Truckfighters, Mania

11.27.12 Ahkmed, Distance
11.27.12 Amplified Heat, On the Hunt
11.27.12 Ararat, II
11.27.12 Asteroid, Asteroid
11.27.12 Asteroid, II
11.27.12 Blaak Heat Shujaa, Blaak Heat Shujaa
11.27.12 Blackwolfgoat, Dronolith
11.27.12 Colour Haze, Colour Haze
11.27.12 Colour Haze, Los Sounds de Krauts
11.27.12 The Hard Ride, Live to Ride
11.27.12 The Human Instinct, Stoned Guitar
11.27.12 Ice Dragon, Dream Dragon
11.27.12 Infernal Overdrive, Last Rays of the Dying Sun
11.27.12 King Giant, Dismal Hollow
11.27.12 Kyuss, Welcome to Sky Valley
11.27.12 Lo-Pan, Salvador
11.27.12 Mighty High, Legalize Tre Bags
11.27.12 Orange Goblin, A Eulogy for the Damned
11.27.12 Samothrace, Reverence to Stone
11.27.12 Samsara Blues Experiment, Revelation and Mystery
11.27.12 Sandrider, Sandrider
11.27.12 Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, Spectra Spirit
11.27.12 Snail, Terminus
11.27.12 Spirits of the Dead, The Great God Pan EP
11.27.12 Stubb, Stubb
11.27.12 Sungrazer, Sungrazer
11.27.12 Tasha-Yar, Casting Lots
11.27.12 Vulture, Oblivious to Ruin
11.27.12 Weedeater, Jason… the Dragon
11.27.12 Whirr, Pipe Dreams

11.26.12 1000mods, Super Van Vacation
11.26.12 Acid King, Busse Woods
11.26.12 Across Tundras, Sage
11.26.12 Ahab, The Giant
11.26.12 Akimbo, Jersey Shores
11.26.12 Alunah, White Hoarhound
11.26.12 Ancestors, In Dreams and Time
11.26.12 Apostle of Solitude, Demo 2012
11.26.12 Astra, The Black Chord
11.26.12 Atomic Rooster, Death Walks Behind You
11.26.12 Atomic Rooster, In Hearing Of
11.26.12 Backwoods Payback, Momantha
11.26.12 Bong, Mana Yood Sushai
11.26.12 Brant Bjork, Jalamanta
11.26.12 Borracho, Splitting Sky
11.26.12 Clutch, Pure Rock Fury
11.26.12 Elder, Spires Burn/Release
11.26.12 Ett Rop På Hjälp, Hur Svårt Kan Det Vara?
11.26.12 EYE, Center of the Sun
11.26.12 Goat, World Music
11.26.12 Goblin co*ck, Come with Me if You Want to Live
11.26.12 Grails, Deep Politics
11.26.12 Mars Red Sky, Mars Red Sky
11.26.12 Orchid, The Heretic

11.25.12 Blood of the Sun, Burning on the Wings of Desire
11.25.12 Blue Cheer, OutsideInside
11.25.12 Colour Haze, All
11.25.12 Colour Haze, Tempel
11.25.12 Conan, Monnos
11.25.12 Elder, Dead Roots Stirring
11.25.12 Enslaved, Riitiir
11.25.12 Family, Portrait
11.25.12 Goatsnake, I
11.25.12 Greenleaf, Nest of Vipers
11.25.12 Ice Dragon, Season of Decay/The Humble Titan
11.25.12 Kadavar, Kadavar
11.25.12 My Sleeping Karma, Soma
11.25.12 Saint Vitus, Lillie: F-65
11.25.12 Spirit Caravan, Jug Fulla Sun
11.25.12 YOB, Atma

11.24.12 Clutch, Elephant Riders
11.24.12 Eggnogg, Louis EP
11.24.12 Groan, The Divine Right of Kings
11.24.12 Mos Generator, Mos Generator (Deluxe Edition)
11.24.12 Om, Advaitic Songs

11.23.12 Sungrazer, Mirador

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