LSU vs. Iowa Elite Eight preview and picks: Angel Reese, Caitlin Clark and 'the rematch' (2024)

Follow live coverage today as Iowa, UConn meet in Final Four

The rematch is here: LSU vs. Iowa. Angel vs. Caitlin. Mulkey vs. Bluder. (And we’ll get into how there are so many more names to care about in this matchup.) On Saturday, LSU outlasted a tough game against No. 2 UCLA, while Iowa put away No. 5 Colorado to bring us a rematch of last year’s national championship game. As of Sunday night, the odds are close to a pick ’em with a wafer-thin point spread.


Their 2023 national title clash was the most-watched women’s basketball game in history, with 9.9 million viewers. You can bet ESPN is hoping for something like that for Monday night.

Of course, many of us are litigating in group chats and other channels whether the selection committee made the right decision to put both teams in the same region — effectively ensuring that one of two of the biggest stars in women’s college basketball would not have the chance to appear in the Final Four. But today, that question pales compared to the big one: Who will emerge victorious?

We have a ton of coverage of this magnetic rivalry, some of it linked below, but what you have in front of you right now is a preview from a sports betting angle: We’ve got LSU vs. Iowa odds, picks from our experts, point total projections, players to watch and details for how to watch. But first, an excerpt from our longer preview of all the women’s Elite Eight matchups.

From our Elite Eight preview:

It’s the national title game rematch that everybody circled when the bracket was revealed on Selection Sunday, and storylines abound. But this game doesn’t have to be a referendum on the two teams’ legacies and the narratives surrounding them — it’s also an incredibly compelling basketball matchup.

LSU stifled Clark with the defense ofAlexis Morrislast season, butHailey Van Lithisn’t that player. In fact,Clark ran circles around Van Lith, then with Louisville, earlier in the 2023 tournament. The Tigers have upgraded their perimeter rotation on the wings, however, as Flau’jae Johnson is a more confident and consistent scorer, and Mikaylah Williams provides instant offensive firepower. Sydney Affolter and Gabbie Marshall will have their hands full with that dynamic duo and will have to hit shots on the other end to compensate.


Both teams are smaller inside than their 2023 iterations. Iowa’sKate Martinwill have to tend with LSU’sAneesah Morrow, andHannah Stuelkewill have the unenviable task of containingAngel Reese. Clark might find it easier to get into the lane without a traditional center protecting the paint; nevertheless, Morrow and Reese are quick and cover ground well, which will cause different difficulties for the Hawkeyes’ offense.

Iowa’s attack looked comfortable and was efficient against Colorado. The question is whether that smoothness will translate against an SEC defense that is well-versed in taking opposing teams out of rhythm. LSU can still put up points in bunches, even with a tighter rotation, so the Tigers can keep pace with the Hawkeyes no matter the style of play. Even though Clark is the best player in this game, LSU has the collective length and athleticism to make her life difficult enough. Unless she has a historic shooting night — which is well within the realm of possibility — this rematch could have the same result.

—Sabreena Merchant and Grace Raynor

How to watch LSU vs. Iowa

What: Albany 2 Region, Elite Eight

Tipoff time: 7:15 p.m. ET Monday


Location: Albany, NY

You can buy tickets to any tournament gamehere.

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LSU vs. Iowa odds

Odds are from BetMGM and update live.

Expert picks and projections

Sabreena’s and Grace’s pick: LSU to win

Austin Mock’s projection: Our “numbers guy,” Austin Mock, uses advanced statistical models and simulations to project the chances for each team to make it through each round of the tournament. Based on 1 million simulations of the women’s 2024 NCAA Tournament, here is our projected score:

  • Projected point spread:LSU -0.5
  • Projected total:170.5
  • Projected scores: LSU 85.5, Iowa 85

Players to watch


  • Angel Reese, junior forward, SEC Player of the Year, first-team All-SEC, SEC all-defensive team
  • Mikaylah Williams, freshman guard, SEC Freshman of the Year
  • Aneesah Morrow, junior guard, first-team All-SEC
  • Flau’jae Johnson, sophom*ore guard, second-team All-SEC


  • Caitlin Clark, senior guard, Big Ten Player of the Year, first-team All-Big Ten
  • Hannah Stuelke, sophom*ore forward, second-team All-Big Ten
  • Kate Martin, senior guard, second-team All-Big Ten

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(Photo of Angel Reese and Flau’jae Johnson: Tom Pennington / Getty Images)

LSU vs. Iowa Elite Eight preview and picks: Angel Reese, Caitlin Clark and 'the rematch' (2024)


Who is a better player, Clark or Reese? ›

Clark averaged 31.7 points per game this season en route to breaking the all-time NCAA scoring record. Reese's 18.7 points per game were actually down from the prior year, as the Tigers added several new players to their roster, including Hailey Van Lith, a transfer from Louisville.

How many people watched the Iowa-LSU rematch? ›

ESPN says 12.3 million people watched the rematch of last year's NCAA women's tournament final, with a peak audience of 16.1 million viewers.

How many points does Caitlin Clark have against LSU? ›

More records fall for Caitlin Clark

Clark will still need to score points in her remaining game( or games) to maintain the record, but she's given herself a bit of a cushion with her 41-point performance against LSU.

How many people watched Iowa vs. LSU in 2024? ›

Game on 1st April averaged 12.3 million viewers on ESPN, according to Nielsen. Audience peaked at 16.1 million. Fixture was the most-watched men's or women's college basketball game ever on ESPN, more than doubling the prior largest audience.

Will Caitlin Clark go to the WNBA? ›

Iowa star Caitlin Clark announced Thursday this will be her final collegiate season as she will declare for the 2024 WNBA Draft. Clark, who recently passed Lynette Woodard to become the all-time leading scorer in Division I women's basketball history, is the projected No. 1 overall pick.

Who is worth more, Angel Reese or Caitlin Clark? ›

Caitlin Clark vs Angel Reese: Who has more net worth

While Angel Reese still stands at $1.8 million dollars, Clark has skyrocketed her net worth. As of 2024, she stands atop a whopping $3.4 million today.

What is Caitlin Clark's net worth? ›

Her landmark deal with Nike, rumored to be worth $818,000 annually, underscores her marketability and the commercial value she brings to the table. This is complemented by partnerships with other brands, pushing her estimated net worth to the $5 million mark​ (The Shadow League)​.

Has Iowa State ever beaten Iowa? ›

A series rich in tradition, the Iowa-Iowa State rivalry has belonged to Iowa over the years, as they lead the all-time series 33-13. The teams first met each other back in 1894 when Iowa State won 16-8. The 1897 game saw the first real glimpse of what we know Iowa-Iowa State football to be today.

How many people watched Iowa vs. LSU Elite 8? ›

Iowa's 94-87 victory over LSU in the Elite Eight of the women's NCAA Tournament on Monday night averaged 12.3 million viewers on ESPN, according to Nielsen. That makes it one of the most-viewed games in any sport other than NFL football over the past year.

Who is favored LSU or Iowa? ›


Has Iowa State ever been ranked? ›

As of Week 1 of the 2022 season, Iowa State has made 70 appearances in the Associated Press poll and been ranked in the final Associated Press poll of the season three times.

What is the highest rated women's college basketball game? ›

Viewership peaked at 24.1 million viewers during the final minutes of the game (between 5:00 – 5:14 PM ET). The women's championship game audience stands as the largest in women's college basketball history, and is the most-watched basketball game — at any level — since 2019.

What did Reese do to Clark? ›

But when Reese pointed at her finger and made the John Cena "You can't see me" hand gesture at Clark as LSU closed out its victory over Iowa in the national championship game last year, the discourse surrounding both her trash talk and relationship with Clark intensified.

Who is favored, LSU or Iowa? ›


What is Angel Reese's height and weight? ›

What is Caitlin Clark's average score per game? ›


Clark's record: 28.42. Previous record: Patricia Hoskins, Mississippi Valley State, 28.38. Clark passed Hoskins in the game where Iowa topped LSU to reach this season's Final Four.


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