Regionals to watch, Player of the Year picks and more predictions ahead of the 2024 WCWS (2024)

Michella Chester, Jenna Becerra and Amanda Lorenz chatted on Instagram Live on Tuesday, May 14, to preview the 2024 Women's College World Series. You can find the Instagram Live here.

With the first regional pitches being thrown this Friday, here are some key takeaways ahead of the 2024 DI softball tournament:

Most difficult regions for host schools

Jenna: Columbia (Missouri, host) —Washington as a 2-seed had potential to host this year. They advanced to the WCWS last year and have pitchers Ruby Meylan and Lindsay Lopez who were in the circle on the big stage in 2023. With most of their starters hitting over .300 and their speed as a team, the Huskies — as well as Indiana and Omaha — have the potential to give Mizzou a run for their money.

Amanda: Los Angeles (UCLA, host) —San Diego State and Grand Canyon met in last year's Los Angeles regional and again in the Louisville Slugger Invitational in early March. GCU fell in both of these matchups and the Lopes will most definitely be out for blood.

Michella: Columbia (Missouri, host) & Stillwater (Oklahoma State, host) —Recency bias of seeing Indiana and Michigan in the Big Ten championship makes these two teams tough to beat in Michella's eyes. Michigan (vs. Oklahoma State, Kentucky and Northern Colorado in the Stillwater regional) has a dynamic lineup and has peaked late this season, while Indiana (vs. Missouri, Washington and Omaha in the Columbia regional) has changed a ton over this spring, with Bri Copeland really settling into the circle.

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Easiest regions for host schools

Jenna: Gainesville (Florida) —The Gainesville regional is set up well for Florida, with no other Power 5 programs, or schools that have been previously ranked this season. With the upward trajectory the Gators are on right there, they should be able to make it out to Supers.

Amanda: Baton Rouge (LSU) —Despite not advancing to the SEC championship, the Tigers are playing well right now, and should make it to Supers over Jackson State, Cal and Southern Illinois.

Michella:Gainesville (Florida) —The Gators have Jocelyn Erickson, the SEC Player of the Year, and Skylar Wallace, as well as some good arms in the circle to get the 4-seed very deservingly.

Most intriguing regions

Jenna: Durham (Utah vs. South Carolina) —The Utah vs. South Carolina matchup will be interesting with the familiarity of Alana Vawter — South Carolina RHP who transferred from Stanford last year. Also, Miami (OH) at the Knoxville regional will surely make a fuss with Karli Spaid sitting at second in NCAA history for career homers. Arizona-Arkansas will also be a fun rematch from earlier this season, when they split games in the Bear Down Fiesta.

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Amanda: Stillwater (Kentucky vs. Michigan) —Michigan is a tough 3-seed — Lauren Derkowski is a force in the circle.

Michella: College Station (Texas A&M vs. Texas State) —Excited to see how Texas State's RHP Jessica Mullins will fare against one of the best offenses in the country. Also how BU's Kasey Ricard will do against Oklahoma in the Norman regional.

Most intriguing potential Super Regional matchups

Jenna: Texas-Texas A&M & LSU-Stanford —The old Big 12 rivalry — and next year, SEC rivalry — will be on the biggest stage if the seeds hold and Texas A&M and Texas play each other in the Supers. Also would love to see NiJaree Canady and Stanford versus the LSU Tigers — both teams have had great Metrics this season and it'd be an exciting Super Regional.

Amanda: Duke-Missouri & Georgia-UCLA —We've seen a good Duke team, but we haven't seen an angry Duke team. Interested to see how the Blue Devils respond to getting the 10-seed that they believe that they didn't deserve. And even though UGA hasn't been playing their best softball as of recent, their time for bats to get hot would be against UCLA's pitching staff in the supers.

Michella: Oklahoma State-Arkansas & Florida State-Oklahoma —The Razorbacks have done well this year, despite their strength of schedule being on the weaker side, and Oklahoma State is sometimes hit-or-miss, so this would be a good Super regional. The Noles versus the Sooners would be a rematch of last year's national championship.

POTY, Freshman OTY and Pitcher OTY predictions


  • Player of the Year:Maya Brady (UCLA)
  • Freshman of the Year:Kaitlyn Terry (UCLA)
  • Pitcher of the Year: NiJaree Canady (Stanford)
    • Kasey Ricard, honorable mention


  • Player of the Year: Reese Atwood (Texas)
  • Freshman of the Year: Jaysoni Beachum (Florida State)
  • Pitcher of the Year: Lexi Kilfoyl (Oklahoma State)


  • Player of the Year:Reese Atwood (Texas)
  • Freshman of the Year:Jaysoni Beachum (Florida State)
  • Pitcher of the Year:NiJaree Canady (Stanford)


Regionals to watch, Player of the Year picks and more predictions ahead of the 2024 WCWS (1)

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Regionals to watch, Player of the Year picks and more predictions ahead of the 2024 WCWS (2024)


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