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Cub Scouts of Pack 273 celebrate Mardi Gras SAM'S SONG by SHOAL CREEK SAM Camp will be Aug. 3 to Aug. 6 for all those interested. Family picnic will be May 31 at the town park and the family campout at Coles Creek will take place the weekend of July 11 for all the Cubs, Scouts and families. A fun time for their past and anticipated participation in the annual fish fry fund raiser held during Lent.

Response and support from the public has been good and is appreciated. We will be happily seeing our boys off to camp this, summer with the proceeds. "Scout Daze" was set for legal for him to predict the weather 8 to 12 hours in advance, will be relaxing for a coupla' weeks, helping "ole" John at Knotty Pine. Can you imagine? Hamburger, and On April 1, the Cub Scouts of Pack 273 and family members arrived at the Legion Hall in masks and costumes. It wasn't Halloween and it was no April fools.

Mardi Gras was the theme of the April meeting of Pack 273. The meeting was opened with a short history presentation about the Mardi ras. Announcements followed as the children anxiously awaited the fun and games ahead. if 1 i lilsi fluffy masks, which were made by each of the Cubs, was judged and prizes awarded for the five best masks. Receiving first place was Carl Diesen, second place Kevin Luitjohn, third place Luke Gomez, fourth place Jeremy Scott, and fifth place John Haake.

Attendance prizes were awarded and each child received a bag of treats. All were smiles as they departed from the fun filled evening. With all, the announcements aside, the children hurried and hollared with excitement as they took part in all the many skill games provided. As the highlight of the evening, the June 13 for parent and son to enjoy a day together at Camp Joy. Webtos camp will be from June 17 to June 20 and Day Parents were thanked for Camp New Hope Breese Jaycees Fund Drive i HMplui.

Dn MARDI GRAS MASKS, made by each of the Cabs, were Judged and prizes awarded for the five best masks. Winners Include left to right 1st Carl Diesen, 2nd Kevin Lulrjohn, 3rd -Lake Gomez, 4th Jeremy Scott, and 5th John Haake. from St. Joseph's Hospital, Breese accepted Friday, Saturday and Sunday, The Jaycees are sponsoring a handicapped Breese boy to The Breese Jaycees will have a fund drive for Camp New Hope this weekend in downtown Breese. It is called Chicl-O-Stick Days, and donations will be New Hope this True or Fake-We Don't Know Our III.

Senator Paul Simon has announced he is going to make a try for the Presidency. This is fact, but; Paul Simon doesn't stand a chance to win, cause if there is one honest man walking the floors in Washington, it's Paul Simon. Senator Paul Simon says, if elected, he will try to have a job available for all working men at a fair wage by reintroducing government work projects similar to the ones of years ago, the CCC camps, PWA, etc. Many of our under--educated young people, now loafing the streets rather than drifting into a life of crime, could be learning how to help himself while repairing hi' ways, bridges and many other government projects that so desparately needs to be done. Many ole" timers remember how helpful thes.e projects were in the late thirties.

Another rumor, one we cannot confirm or deny, says the Rev. Oral Roberts passed away Monday from a massive heart attack. That big check he got bounced. Note Young John Glueck, who recently graduated with one of those degrees that makes it attend Camp summer. LawTence Brueggemann, Ger-, mantown Edward Summerfield Adelle Bond, Carlyle Donna Tebbe, Highland Ruth Wilczynski, Pocahontas Christopher Hitpas, Breese Susan Danilovich', Highland Anna Niemeyer, Breese Helen Huemmer, Carlyle Amanda Fruend.

Carlyle Diane Grapperhaus, Breese Sharon Thomas, Beckemeyer weather forcast for just the price of the burger. Mac-' donalds ain't got nothin' like that. At times the words we utter don't really leave our mouth as we so desire. So it is with the printed word. Just doesn't read right.

From a Holy Week xhurch bulletin, "This being Easter Sunday, we will ask Mrs. Chapmanri to" come forward and lay an egg on the altar." This one surely, attracted everyone's attention. "The ladies of the church have cast off clothing of every kind and they may be seen in the church basem*nt. on Friday afternoon. afternoon there will be a baptismal in (he South and North ends of the church.

Children will be baptized at both ends. You don't have to dirty the dishes at home this coming Sunday. Breese Legion will be serving their famous chicken, along with roast beef, from 1 1 to 6 at Breese Legion home. Big; dinner. Attention Quitters'.

Spossf est Quilt Auction Cards of Thanks BIRTHS Boy to Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Potts, Carlyle Girl to Mr. and Mrs. Steven Tebbe, Highland Girl to Mr.

and Mrs. Mike Mueller, New Baden Boy to Mr. and Mrs. David Grapperhaus, Breese Girl to Mr. and Mrs.

Kenneth Klostermann. Highland Boy to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Blumenstein, Breese Boy to Mr. and Mrs.

Ronald Voss. Aviston ADMITTED Mary Jane Potts, Carlyle pets may lack 'he resistance and energy to deal with minor diseases. Therefore, any illness affecting an elderly pet should be treated as potentially serious. Make sure immunizations are kept current and schedule regular veterinary check-ups Presented in the interest of better pet care by The Germantown Spassfest will again host a Quilt Auction on Saturday, August 15th, starting at 1:30 p.m. Only new, hand-stitcrted quilts will be accepted.

Ten percent of auction price will be retained as an entry fee. Quilts may be submitted by either individuals or groups. Applicants must register by phone 618-523-8182 beginning at 9 a.m., Tuesday, May 5. Only the first forty quilts will be accepted. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Kathleen Fauke Spassfest Quilt Auction Coordinator St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland ADMITTED Deborah Baumann, New Baden Robert Weber, Trenton Joseph Henrichs, Breese DISMISSALS John Tebbe, Breese Deborah Baumann, New Baden Robert Weber, Trenton Mabel Gray, Keyesport Skilled Nursing Unit DISMISSALS Verena Fischer, Carlyle We wish to express our sincere thanks to the staff of Carlyle Healthcare Center, St. Joseph Hospital and Dr. Osborne for the loving care given to our mother, Clara. Thank you also Father Kopff, Brefeld Funeral Home, Marie Jansen, and the choir of St.

Francis Church; those who sent floral and spiritual gifts; our neighbors and friends for preparing the luncheon, and who expressed sympathy in any way following the death of our mother. Jerry, Frank and Jim Dall and families I would like to thank my family and friends who prayed for me, visited me, sent me flowers and cards while I was a patient in St. Elizabeth's Hospital. God bless you all. Thanks to everyone who helped us in so many ways at the time of the death of our loved one.

Your kindness, concern, prayers and other helpful acts have meant so very much to our families and will always be remembered. The Orville Liening family It is with sentiments of sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks that I wish to acknowledge the many kindnesses shown to me as a patient in St. Joseph's Hospital. I especially would like to thank Dr. Os-born.

Dr. Rivera, Dr. Butalid, Father Niemeyer, Father Jurek, and Father Mohr. Also, many thanks to the entire staff of nurses and aids, and to all who sent flowers, cards and remembered me in prayers. Mrs.

Anna Niemeyer and family Dr. Dale R. Diesel Veterinary Services, Ltd. Breese. II.

62230 Phone 526-7851 PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT --y Don 't wait till It's too late! SINCE 1945 POSITIVE TERMITE PEST CONTROL 532-4131 'ffgffl- THE FISH HOUSE Leona Wiegmann BILL TEBBE YourHealth' I Opening Friday, Apr. 24 Gail Tebbe, Breese Donna Tebbe, Highland Susan Danilovich, Highland Leona Frerker, Carlyle Rosetta Holmes, Carlyle Ruth Wilczynski, Pocahontas Phyllis Mueller, New Baden Diane Grapperhaus, Breese Linda Edwards, Carlyle Edith Delahunt. Carlyle Kathleen Klostermann, High-, land Michael Winkeler. Becke-meyer Christopher Hitpas, Breese Augusta Jarvis, Carlyle Sharon Thomas, Beckemeyer Rose Arter, New Baden Alvina Anderson, Trenton Rose Blumenstein, Breese Leona Dierkes, Germantown Barbara Voss, Aviston Arthur Mann, Trenton DISMISSALS Mildred Schoeck, Highland Virgil Jansen, Carlyle Nancy Griesbaum, New Baden Linda Lindsey, Carlyle Gail Tebbe, Breese Carolyn Wildhaber, Highland Mary Jane Potts, Carlyle Terry Tune, Breese Mary Astroth, Breese Larie Biggs, Bartelso Whipps completes exam for certification of orthodontics SALES Rt. 50 Kaskaskia River nil nrnnroniT a ti Honored with plaque and pin Dr.

DuComb attends meeting (Entrance 500 ft 0 jj HtrntatN i i iv TRI FORD INC. Rt. 4, BOX 4 HIGHLAND, IL 62249 Phone 618-654-2122 Res. 618-654-3725 East of River Bridge) rVr 11 17 1 I Dr. Wilson L.

DuComb of Carlyle recently attended the Illinois State Medical Meeting in Chicago. He was a delegate representing the Clinton County Medical Society. While there Dr. DuComb was honored with a plaque and pin representing his sixty years in the practice of medicine. Dr.

Alfred Kiessel, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, presented the plaque and pin. Ten years ago he had presented Dr. DuComb with his fifty year plaque and pin. by Dr. Pamela J.

Rout and Dr. R. Douglas Dent THE HANG OF IT Today, fitness enthusiasts deliberately hang upside down in gravity boots. They do so to relieve stresses placed on joints in the body by the sedentary habits; of modern living. In this inverted position, body weight and gravity pull vertebrae in the spinal column apart, and stretch muscles in the back.

Hanging upside down, however, also raises the blood pressure and pulse rate, the pressure of fluids in the eye, and pressure on arteries supplying the eye. The practice can be dangerous, expecially for people not in perfect physical condition. It is not recommended for those with high blood pressure, glaucoma, or the elderly. This form of "therapy" also is not recommended for anyone hoping to cure a spinal problem. Chiropractic is a natural, knifeless and drugless approach to addressing many ailments that affect mankind.

By offering chiropractic applications aimed at points of interference along the nerve network, Mother Nature's natural healing instructions are allowed to resume their natural flow and comfort as well as a total state of well-being may be regained. For more information call NEW BADEN CHIROPRACTIC CENTER, 701 E. Hanover New Baden, 588-4976 today. Fri. 9 a.m.

-7 p.m., 24 hour emergency service. HINT: If stretched out, the body's nerve network would measure nearly 45 miles. Open 4-11 p.m. CATFISH CARP BUFFALO Mistdano Lumber Germantown, III. First Cut Treated Lumber 1 and 2 in.

pine, 4 4 and 6 xj6 up to 22 ft. long round and half posts Mike Peters 523-4589 It 1 8 Dr. Wilson L. DaComb A DINNERS SANDWICHES BUSCH BUD LIGHT ON TAP Carryouts Available St. Rose Homemakers Sappington Electric Rose Homemakers will be May 14, 8:30 p.m., with lessons on Cleaning Tips and Shortcuts and Stretching Your Gothing Dollars.

The public is always welcome. Authorized Agnt for CyborTol Cotlular Totophon 103 W. Broadway Trenton, IL 62293 1-800-345-6423 618-224-7868 New Baden Chiropractic center BALL TEAMS come to 701 E. Hanover, New Baden 588-4976 SALES SERVICE INSTALLATION 695 00 New car phone. Free installation.

"mi CCRC, Inc. Custom Silkscreening T-Shirts Caps Jerseys J.P. WHITE, INC. The St. Rose Homemakers held their monthly meeting Apr.

9 at the Development Building. President Lidwinia Schumacher called the meeting to order with ten members present answering the roll call of their favorite Easter memories. The major lesson "Nutrition and Physical Performance" was given by Dolores Wein-heimer. A special interest lesson on folk art on an apron was shown by Cecilia Wilke. Minor lesson "Citizenship emphasis" and "Noise the Invisible Agriculture Hazard" was presented by Helen Reh-kemper.

The special interest lesson of exercise, walking and watching your food intake was givef by Dolores Weinheimer. Happy Birthday was sung to the members who had a birthday in April. Attendance prize was won by Jeanette Timmermann. Our recipe of the month was given by Helen Rehkemper: Pork Sausage Quiche VA cups milk, 1 slice of bread cubed, 8 Oz. of shredded Quality Pre-Owned Cars Jackets More Clinton Co.

Rehab. Ctr, Rt. 50 West, Breese 526-2252 -Compare our cars prices. Bank Financing Arranged Come in and see us. Over 40 cars to choose from J.P.

WHITE, INC. FtNANOTIG Rt. 50 West Carlyle, IL Phone 594-3777 Photo Policy Dr. J. Franklin Whipps The American Board of Orthodontics is pleased to announce that Dr.

J. Franklin Whipps has successfully completed all phases of its comprehensive examination for certification of Orthodontics. The American Board of Orthodontics is recognized by the American Dental Association as the only certifying board in the specialty of orthodontics. The Board was established in 1929 and is the oldest specialty board in dentistry. Currently, there are about 8,000, orthodontists in the United States and Canada and 1,200 have attained certification as a "Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics." Dr.

Whipps received his dental degree from the Uni versity of Louisville and his specialty education in orthodontics from the Northwestern He is a member of the American' Dental Association "and the American Association of Orthodontists. He has received an award from the International College of Dentists. The Journal welcomes AO PAYMENT POLICY Because of the heavy 'volume of photos that we pictures of anniversaries, cheddar cheese, 1 lb pork Low-rate financing. $300 implement purchase bonus. Choose from nine diesel models with hydrostatic or gear-drive transmissions.

Finance with John Deere for 36 months pay only percent APR. Plus, get a $300 bonus engagements, and will handle, it is difficult to print them without charge quickly locate them weeks sausage (brown and drain) 1 teaspoon dry mustard. Mix and put in pie shell 45 Bake 375 degrees for toward me purchase ot any implement to be used with your new tractor (except 655, 755, 855 Tractors). At (11 ir lour rate, and with the added $300 bonus, there's no reason to after they have been published. The're is no easy filing system when there are several persons on picture, or if it is a picture of something other than people.

Remember to bring stamped, self-addressed envelope along with your picture to be published if you want it returned. For: as has always been the custom. However, standard policy is necessary in order for these pictures to be return, ed to the owners. We will need a self-addressed, stamped envelope from the person bringing la or tending the photo if they1 are to' be returned. Frequently someone minutes.

I The hostess was Lois Rater-mann, Helen Rehkemper and Elivera Tebbe who served the Pork- Sausage Quiche and cake. The next meeting of the Str Classified and display advertising must be paid In advance of publication unless credit has been previousry established with this newspaper. wit tske classified ads by telephone at which time the cost of the ad will be given. Caller must then remit payment before ad will be printed. This policy is necessary because' of a percentage oL unpaid, advertising t-ct tean placed by telephone in the wcui.

umie ana i nf make us an offer tsivl 4G3ft 11 today. mmMm Breese Journal, those mailing a comes in weeks later and GEO. IVElSEf JFELD a GOi KX. R.IU Box 1 87 Breest, IL. 526-2271 asks for Jhe picture Aacltdon'lforget to Include the requiring extensive time on a return envelope if you want it back.

Breese, JL, April 23, 1987 our part to locate the photo. 9 He conducts a practice specializing in orthodontics in Centralia and at one time had an office in Breese..

The Breese Journal from Breese, Illinois (2024)


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